November 2018

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Mark Your Calendars 
Important Campus Ministry Dates

Dec 12 Sacrament of Reconciliation
Dec 18 Toys For Kids Drive
Dec 20 Advent Mass - 11:00am
Feb 25 Grade 9 Retreat Group One
Feb 26  Grade 9 Retreat Group Two

Feb 7  Grade 10 Retreat  Mr. Hall (C)
Feb 12 Grade 10 Retreat Ms. Lang (F)
Feb 21 Grade 10 Retreat Mr. Hall (E) 
Feb 22 Values Conference
March 7 Grade 10 Retreat Mr. Mattiazzo
March 14 Grade 10 Retreat Ms. Lang A 
March  Voices of Hope Social Justice Conference TBA 
April 4-5 Grade 11 Retreat Camp Charis  
April 3-5  Grade 12 Retreat Camp Luther
May 9 March for Life Victoria 
May 17 ThinkFast 2019  


Our St. Thomas More Collegiate community has taken a major role in the Edmund Rice Beyond Borders  (EREBB) initiative.  We continue to connect with Edmund Rice Christian Brother schools worldwide to promote the values of an Edmund Rice Christian Brother education.   
EREBB is an international network of Catholic schools educating young people from many different faiths and cultures. In over 20 countries, EREBB endeavours to promote global solidarity and offer a transformational education for justice and liberation. 

For more information, you can logon to    
Currently our STMC Beyond Borders group networks with other EREBB schools and supports each others initiatives. Just recently we supported Iona Prep (New York) and their advocacy to end to the separation of families at the U.S.-Mexico border, as well as speak out against other unjust policies surrounding immigration in our country.  We were asked to sign letters of support that would be sent to their senate.  

As a Christian Brothers school we get to experience many things in which public and other private schools are unable to partake. One of these things includes the Christian Brothers ACTION conference. This conference takes place somewhere in the Unites States where all the Christian Brothers schools from Canada and US come together and talk about spreading the word of Blessed Edmund Rice. They talk about advocacy, charity and everything in between. 

This conference not only strengthens your  bond with Christ but also with other Blessed Edmund Rice Schools. 

When you leave the conference you come out with life long friends and connections all around North America. ACTION is something STMC is proud to be part of and as a person who was able to partake in that conference, I was stoked to get to experience something I will never forget.

Mia Bevaqua Grade 11

Dear STMC Families,   
Welcome to the Winter edition of the Campus Ministry Newsletter.  As we prepare for the Advent season, we turn to Pope Francis for guidance.  Pope Francis reminds us, that Advent  is a time to avoid superficial desires distracting us from God.   In addition, we are called to focus on our relationship with Him through prayer, and service to others.    

At St. Thomas More Collegiate, we continue to foster and invigorate a community of faith.  Our school's wide range of service opportunities, allows our students to practice the message of the Gospel in their own lives. Our theme for the 2018-2019 school year, focuses on two Essential Elements:  To Stand in Solidarity with those Marginalized by Poverty and Injustice, and to Foster and Invigorate a Community of Faith.   Our newsletter showcases our student's involvement in service work, and the ways they strive to promote these essential elements within our community.  

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

David Mattiazzo

Director of Campus Ministry
(604) 521-1801 ext 127
STMC Annual Toys For Kids Drive Back for Another Year!  
Tuesday December 18th 

The Toys for Kids Drive is back. Initially launched by St. Thomas More alumni Miguel Ramos ('13) for his Planning 10 initiative,  the toy drive has become a massive success.  Thousands of dollars and toys have been donated for the Salvation Army and local Burnaby schools.  This year, our school will be expanding our toy drive, to help even more Burnaby schools with families in need.  Our Senior BERT team will once again be delivering the toys to both the schools and family homes.
This year the Toy Drive will take place on Tuesday, December 18th from 7:00-8:30am in the STMC foyer.  In past years, CTV and the Burnaby Fire Department, have helped to launch this event. Students are encouraged to place new, unwrapped toys under the Christmas tree in our school foyer.   Cash donations and gift cards are also accepted. Please note that students who provide a donation will be invited to a pancake breakfast in the cafeteria on the morning of December 18th.

Join us for our STMC Advent Mass and Christmas Sing-a-long
Thursday December 20th @ 11:00am

We are excited to announce that STMC Alumnus and Vicar General, Father Gary Franken (1980) will be celebrating our Advent Mass on Thursday December 20th.  We welcome you to join us on this festive occasion.  It is always special with Father Franken celebrating mass as he is known for his inspirational homilies and his special connection with the congregation.

Following mass we will have our Annual Christmas Sing-a-long led by our talented STMC Staff.
Four STMC Alumni Scheduled to celebrate school masses this year.  
Fr. Lovato below
Over the years many of our Knights have entered the Religious life and we continue to pray for them.  We are fortunate to announce that four of our alumni have or will be celebrating masses at STMC this school year.

Father Nicolas Meisl (1999) celebrated our staff mass at the beginning of the school year and is currently  teaching at Corpus Christi and St. Marks College as well as a resident at St. John the Apostle.  He is also known for evangelizing on Twitter. 

Our Opening Mass welcomed back Father Jean-Pierre Ducharme (1995).  Father Pierre is currently at St. Joseph the Worker in Richmond.  As in years past we are hoping in the future that Father Ducharme will join our students on their retreats. 

Our Thanksgiving Mass also welcomed back Father Alessandro Lovato (1994).  Father Lovato is currently at St. Helen's Parish in Burnaby.  Father Lovato was a classmate of Mr. Bernie Kully who we continue to keep in our hearts.

Our Advent Mass and Mother's Day Mass will welcome back Father Gary Franken (1980).  He continues to be active as a Trustee of with St. Thomas More.  We look forward to his visit in a few weeks. 

Upcoming Masses:

Advent Mass: Thursday, December 20th, at 11:00am
Winter Grade Level Masses TBA  
Ash Wednesday Mass: Wednesday, March 6th at 10:45am
Vocations Mass:  Tuesday April 9th, at 10:45am
Easter Mass:  TBD
Mother's Day Mass: Friday, May 12th @10:45am
Grad Mass at OLM: Thursday, May 23 @7pm 
Every Thursday in the STMC Chapel for rotating Religion classes 
Looking for Volunteer Hours?
Students are encouraged to sign up for opportunities
STMC Alumni, students and staff volunteering at Holy Trinity Cathedral.  
Students are encouraged to take advantage of the service opportunities offered at STMC. Opportunities are listed on the service board located outside the Campus Ministry office which is now located in the Multi-Purpose Room. Please remember that while the Campus Ministry department will do its best to accommodate all students, spots are limited and students are encouraged to seek volunteer opportunities on their own. At any time, if a student needs recommendations they can meet with Mr. Mattiazzo in the Campus Ministry office. Students can also connect with Angelica Parente in grade 12 who serves as a student faith coordinator. Angelica is available during F block in the campus ministry office or by appointment through Mr. Mattiazzo.
The following are a list of upcoming student service opportunities:
12th Avenue Breakfast Program

Students help prepare and serve breakfast at the 12th Avenue School on various days. Meeting time is at 7:55am with Mr. Mattiazzo and students will miss part of their first block. Sign up at the Campus Ministry office.  
Holy Trinity Breakfast Program
Students help prepare and serve breakfast for over 100 people in New Westminster every Thursday morning. The program is run throughout the winter and summer breaks as well.  Please note that during vacation time we are also in need of volunteers.

Permission forms and sign up can be found outside the Campus Ministry Office.       
Good Shepherd Ministry
Grade 10-12 students have an opportunity to be involved in a new ministry serving the people living in the downtown east side of Vancouver. Based out of the Door is Open, the Good Shepherd is where students will hand out candy bags and prayer cards. The program will run two to three times a month and students will leave at 6:15pm from STMC.
Canada Scores Soccer/Poetry Program
Students help run an after school soccer and poetry program for elementary students.  Please read article block below for more information. 
Japanese Student Visit Volunteers
On December 17th our community will be hosting 51 students from Hyuga School for the day.  We will need student buddies for each of our visiting guests.  Grade 9-12 students are requested to sign up with Mr. Mattiazzo.  An information meeting will be held in room 212 on Thursday, December 6th at lunch. 
STMC Open House Tour Guides: January 15th 
Student ambassadors are needed to assist with our Open House on Tuesday January 15th.  An information meeting and sign up will occur the first week after Christmas Break.  Students can sign up outside the Campus Ministry office.

Chancellor Basketball Tournaments
Please sign up at the front office to volunteer for any of these events  or speak with Mr. Borthistle.   
Alpha Program Student Leaders
Grade 10-12 student leaders are needed to help run in the Alpha program in Religion 9 classes.  Please speak with Mr. Mattiazzo if you are interested. The Alpha program will begin in January.  
Burnaby Progressive Housing
Periodically Mrs. Silveira from the business office is in need of students to prepare lunches for the Burnaby Progressive Housing Society that assists the needy in Burnaby.  Please speak with Mrs. Silveira if you are interested.
Report from Mission Control 
brother cassidy
A special thanks to our community for their continued support of our STMC Missions. The STMC Missions program helps support a variety of charities both locally and internationally. Funds raised have assisted many of our Edmund Rice Christian Brother programs around the world and has local initiatives such as Burnaby Progressive Housing.    
Last week Color for a Cause initiated by our action team helped to raise over 
$1000 to help support Guadalupe Middle School.  Guadalupe Middle school is a Christian Brother School on the border of Texas and Mexico.  Led by Mr. McCormick, STMC will be involved in a service trip next November to visit Guadalupe and assist with migrants at the border. 

Mark your calendars, bring a Toonie, and participate in our next Jeans Day on February 22nd.   
Sacrament of Reconciliation
Wednesday December 12th

Students will have an opportunity to receive the Sacrament of Reconciliation on Wednesday December 12th from 9:30am to noon. Numerous priests from our local deanery will be at Our Lady of Mercy to offer confession.  In addition, Fr. Smith offers confession each Thursday in the school chapel usually from 9:30am to 1:45pm.  
This sacrament, by its very nature, gives us graces that help us to live a Christian life.

Good Shepherd Ministry
 Monday evening walks on the DTES   
A special thank you to all those who have donated candy for the Good Shepherd Ministry. 

The Good Shepherd is a Catholic Ministry based out of the Door is Open. Similar to the Agape Street Mini
stry, the Good Shepherd Ministry serves people living in the Downtown Eastside by handing out candy bags, gloves, socks and prayer cards. Students in grade 10-12 interested in attending any of the walks can sign up outside the Campus Ministry office.  Volunteer days for this ministry begin at 6pm at STMC and conclude around 9:00pm. 

Please note that we are extending our candy collection due a candy shortage this year.  If you have any left-over candy or chocolate from this Halloween, we encourage you to drop them off at the Campus Ministry or front office. 
Join the Canada Scores Program  
Gr. 11/12 Students needed to assist with after school program
St. Thomas More Collegiate has once again teamed up with Canada Scores to help run a complimentary after-school program for students from 12th Avenue School and possibly Edmonds Community, and Stride in Burnaby. The program was inspired by USA Scores which was first initiated out of Los Angeles. This unique program combines soccer, poetry (reading/writing),  and community service as well as on-going mentoring relationships with students. Several senior students have volunteered for the fall program this year.  

Any senior student still interested in being part of the fall program or who would like to be part of the spring program beginning in February please speak with 
Mr. Mattiazzo.

Students are required to commit to one to three days each week from 3-4pm.    

For more information please read the Service Board outside the Library or check out their website at
STMC and Prison Ministry
"When I was in Prison you came to visit me." Matthew 25:36b
In addition to dedicating his life for the education of the poor, Blessed Edmund Rice was also involved in Prison Ministry.  The Christian Brothers have continued to be involved in Prison Ministry and we stress the importance here at STMC.  Over the past few weeks several Religion classes took part in writing Christmas cards for prisoners in the Lower Mainland.  We were very impressed with our student's thoughtfulness, creative, artistic and heartfelt messages in the cards they created.  

Below is a response we received from last year:
The incarcerated men and women that your students wrote cards to are very appreciative. Many asked me to thank the students for their kind words, and expressions of hope.  The Christmas and Easter cards have truly brightened their lives.

Some actually wrote letters of thanks.  Here are a few excerpts:
"Thank you for the card, and thank you for the quote from the bible.  May God bless you and keep you safe in your life and I hope you will always be happy."

"Thank you for the wonderful words that you wrote to me.  You made my Christmas"

"Thank you for the Christmas card.  It's hard to say how much it meant to me.  I have a family and I miss them, and this card definitely helped.  I will pray for you."

Your students have shown the love, compassion, forgiveness and mercy that our Lord wishes from us.  Please share the above comments from the men and women with your students to show that their efforts really do make a difference.

In addition, inmates from a local prison have put together several relief packages of blankets etc. for our students to hand out during our visits to the DTES.
VC and STMC Exchange Day
While STMC and VC may rival each other in athletics, we come together to promote the Essential Elements of an Edmund Rice Education. As the only two Christian Brother schools in Canada, we continue to look for opportunities to network and collaborate with each other.  On November 27th, members of BERT Beyond Borders team met with student leaders at VC to establish an exchange day. Similar to our exchange with Byrne Creek, on December 10th students from STMC (both girls and boys) will spend the day as a student at Vancouver College (an all boys school). The following day students from Vancouver College will spend the day as a student at STMC.  We look forward to continued programs with Vancouver College and other schools in our worldwide network. 
Values Conference February 22nd 
Opportunity for students to attend worthwhile conference
As a follow up to our successful Values Week in November, all STMC students are invited to attend a Values Conference to be organized by Signal Hill on February 22nd, 2019. The Value Project Conference  is an all-day event designed to educate students on the value crises in modern society and to empower them to make positive change in their own lives and the lives of others, particularly those in their school communities. A special emphasis is placed on the need to see and respond to the root problem behind each respective value crisis: human life is not being recognized, valued, cared for, and protected.  More information will be provided in the New Year.  The deadline to sign up will be January 22nd, 2019. 
Alpha Faith Program
Grade 9 Students to take Alpha Program in Religion Classes 
Beginning in January, all grade 9 students will be involved in the Alpha program led by senior students who went through this program last year. 

Through episodes filmed in Vancouver, London, Paris and Jerusalem, the Alpha Youth Film Series explores timeless questions about life, faith and God for a new generation.

The series offers compelling stories, images, questions, and discussion topics well spread throughout each episode to better engage youth, helping them think about how these issues relate to their lives as they discuss with their friends and leaders.

For more information please check the alpha website at
Join the Legion of Mary
Become a "Knight for Mary"
Students are invited to join the STMC club called the Legion of Mary.  The Legion of Mary is a faith based group that is involved in various ministries including prayer, service and outreach. The group meets every Wednesday at 3:00pm in room 212.  Anyone interested in joining or learning more about the club please speak with Mr. Mattiazzo.
STMC Student Experience with Canada Scores
Mia Bevaqua
Hello. My name is Mia Bevacqua and I am in grade 11 at STM. I have done many outreach programs in our community in the past years here at my time at STMC, but nothing compares to Canada Scores. Canada Scores is an after school program for kids who struggle socially and need help with school. It takes place everyday after school with different activities every other day. While at this program, the kids mainly focus on poetry and soccer.

As a volunteer at Canada scores I help out on the days where they do poetry. This usually takes place on Mondays and Wednesdays. This opportunity came to me through STMC and I am so grateful for it! I have learned so much from the teachers, students and program. From the teachers I have learned that there are more than one ways to teach, from the students I learned that having a positive attitude can make a bad day seem brighter, and from the program I learned that even though we all go through our own struggles, at the end of the day we all can learn to turn our struggles into something to be proud of! I am so grateful that this program exists and I am beyond happy that STMC gave us the opportunity to learn about it and let us take part in it.