Dear Friends,

Last Tuesday, we welcomed over 80 members of the High Meadows community for the semi-annual Board of Trustees Report, at which we shared news about major strategic initiatives in which the board, administration, and faculty have been engaged. Because the report contained exciting and timely news about the future of High Meadows, we wanted to share the video for those of you who were unable to join us.

A large portion of the report was about our new "Creating the Future" campus campaign, which introduces physical additions and improvements to our campus that will have a profound, transformational impact on our children and our academic and camp programs, both immediately and upon the completion of the project in August of 2019.

Though we would love for you to view the full 50 minutes, we have broken down the report by time and content for your convenience:

0:00 Welcome and Introduction, Head of School Jay Underwood and Board Chair Steve Shlansky

8:00 Update on the Faculty Compensation Initiative, Board Secretary Lisa Tilt

11:45 Update on the Center for Progressive Learning, Jay Underwood

15:48 History and Context of the Campus Master Plan, Board Vice Chair Steve Romeyn

0:00 Walk-Through of "Creating the Future" Campus Plan, Architect Mike Mascheri of Chapman Coyle Chapman & Associates

17:17 Summary of Phase One of the Campus Plan: A New Home for our Animals, Jay Underwood and Director of Finance and Operations Michelle Hines

The campus plan visuals are difficult to see on the video, so we encourage you to come by the Franklin House where they are displayed prominently in the main office. We will also soon send you answers to basic questions we know you will have, along with periodic updates on the project's progress.

In the meantime, we would love to tell you more about the project in person, including the funding plan and fundraising campaign that will make it all come to life. Contact me (all initiatives, campus plan funding and big-picture planning) or Michelle Hines (campus plan logistics) if you would like to know more. We are so excited to talk to you about the big future we are planning for High Meadows on behalf of our entire community!

Jay Underwood
Head of School