Campus Public Health Ambassadors

The University Health Team and Division of Student Affairs are developing a Public Health Ambassador program to promote the continued proper use of face coverings and other public health precautions on campus. We know that face coverings, physical distancing, and frequent handwashing are effective in helping stop the spread of COVID-19. We just completed three great weeks of our campus providing in-person instruction and we want to keep it that way. 

We are reaching out to you specifically because you have been identified as someone who may have bandwidth to assist in our efforts. If you are able, it would be greatly appreciated to have you serve as a Public Health Ambassador. The details of the help we need is included below. Please see the last paragraph on how to get involved.

I would very much appreciate your help to keep up our success in this campus effort.

What Does This Program Involve?
Working in pairs, Public Health Ambassadors will be roving various areas of campus during 2-hour time blocks. During this time, your role will be to hand out disposable face coverings to those who need them and celebrate individuals who are properly following precautions with small tokens of appreciation. Employees and students who volunteer for this program will receive additional training on how to have these conversations, as well as necessary supplies. 
Do I Get Paid for This?
Employees and student employees who already work for university departments will continue to receive their normal pay during the hours worked as a Public Health Ambassador. This is not an overtime-eligible program or a separate appointment. Please coordinate your schedule with your supervisor for approval before volunteering. These shifts must be scheduled within your available weekly work hours. Timesheets should be completed as you normally would at the end of each pay period. 
When Does It Start?
We are hopeful that, with the help of some of our current employee and student employees, we can get this program kicked off by the end of this week.
How Can I Get Involved?
As soon as possible, please complete this form with your availability over the next two weeks. After submitting the form, you will be contacted by Allyson Johnson, our volunteer coordinator, who will provide you with additional details regarding your scheduled times and locations, training, and logistics. If you are unable to participate in this program, please contact Allyson Johnson (, 208-282-4798) so you can be removed from future requests.
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