Campus Reopening Update # 12 - Details on Spring Semester 
To ACPHS Community,

We are six weeks into the fall semester and I want to commend all of you on your ongoing diligence in following our health and safety protocols. This collective effort is the reason our College has been able to stay open. 

As we progress through this academic year, I wanted to share the decisions we have made to date regarding the spring semester.

Spring Semester Starting One Week Later

The first day of classes for the spring semester will be Tuesday, January 19. We will be starting the semester one week later. This provides enough time for students and employees returning to campus to be tested and quarantine as needed and is described in the protocols below. Any student required to quarantine may begin the spring semester remotely. Please note, Vermont students will be starting the semester remotely on 1/19 through 2/1 consistent with the State of Vermont guidance that stipulates that colleges must halt all on-campus learning through 2/1.

Everyone is Required to be Re-Tested for COVID-19

All faculty, staff and students returning to our Albany campus by personal vehicle from less than 300 miles from campus are required to have a COVID-19 diagnostic test between January 4 and January 16 to ensure we are starting the semester with a "clean slate." Everyone will be required to provide documentation of their test result. If this documentation is not received by the start of classes, students will be required to begin the semester remotely. See below for information on Vermont testing.

Albany Campus Testing and Travel Protocols

Students and employees in New York are encouraged to get their free COVID-19 diagnostic testing done at one of the New York State testing centers. To get a testing appointment, you must complete this quick assessment. You will be called within 24-48 hours to set up an appointment, and test results are provided in 2-5 days. You may also contact your primary care provider to get tested, though insurance may not cover the cost of the test. 

All students and employees returning to the Albany campus from areas with quarantine restrictions must be tested within 24 hours of arrival, quarantine for 7 days, and get retested on day 7.

Students and employees returning to campus using public transportation (i.e., train, plane, bus) or from more than 300 miles from campus, will be tested on campus within 24 hours of arrival on campus.

To schedule a COVID-19 test, please use this link. Students can get this testing done on campus in the carport of the O'Brien building Monday - Friday from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. If students arrive to campus and testing is not available, they must contact Residence Life at for information on quarantining until they can be tested.

Vermont Campus Testing and Travel Protocols

All faculty, staff and students will be tested on the Vermont campus between January 28-30 using a similar process to the fall semester. Documentation will be collected through the on-campus testing process. A sign up document will be sent out closer to the testing dates.

Students and employees returning to the Vermont campus must follow the Vermont Department of Health travel and quarantine guidelines.

There Will Not Be a Spring Break

To reduce the risk of members of our ACPHS community contracting and spreading the virus, we have decided to eliminate spring break. While there is great restorative value in having a break mid-semester, after much deliberation we decided that the risks outweighed the rewards. We are hopeful that the longer break between semesters will provide students and employees a much needed respite. We have also added the following three vacation days to the 2020-21 holiday schedule: 12/24, 1/4 and 1/5.

All Academic Programs Will Still Have Blended Curriculum 

All academic programs will continue with a blended curriculum delivery model which includes three options: 100% Remote; Blended with both in-person and remote classes; or Partial Blended with all classes remote, and only labs/experiential in person. Students will need to indicate if they want to continue with their current curriculum delivery model or would like to change it. Student Affairs is working with our Office of Information Technology so students can indicate their preference on the student portal. More information on this will be sent by Student Affairs in the coming weeks.

Students who have an experiential component and want to be 100% remote in the spring semester must contact their academic triangle to determine the implications and necessity of an incomplete.

Everyone Still Required to Complete a Daily Health Screening 

Except for those who are 100% remote, everyone will still be required to complete the daily health screening via ShareMy.Health.

As we begin this long holiday weekend, please be vigilant about following our health and safety protocols, wearing masks, and social distancing. Also, please follow our travel protocols and continue completing the daily health assessment. 

Greg Dewey
ACPHS President