Campus Reopening Update # 2 - Research Labs Reopening June 8
To ACPHS Community,

As part of New York's Phase 2 reopening plan, academic research labs may reopen. On June 8, selected researchers (faculty, research staff, graduate students) may return to their labs on both the Albany and Vermont campuses and at PRI under the guidance that includes:
If a researcher indicates on the self-health assessment that they have been diagnosed with COVID-19, are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms or believe they have been exposed to someone with COVID-19, they are not permitted to return to the lab or campus and must follow these procedures

Each researcher has already been notified of these requirements and each lab is being provided the necessary masks and cleaning supplies. Compliance with these guidelines will be monitored by the  Office of Research and Scholarly Activity.

There will be log sheets in each lab to record who has been in the lab so we can contact all researchers about any possible exposure.

Here are links to the  full research reopen plan and a summary version for your reference. For more resources, please go to the Research section of the Intranet and click on COVID-19: Research Continuity and Planning.

I thank all who worked so hard and diligently in reviewing the guidance policies and developing a reopen plan for research labs. A special recognition goes out to our Director of Research, Martha Hass for her diligence, persistence and hard work in making this happen.

Greg Dewey
ACPHS President