Campus Reopening Update # 7 - ACPHS Reopening Plan 
To ACPHS Community,

The Campus Reopening Task Force has been working very hard for the last several weeks developing our plan to reopen for the fall semester to abide by New York's Interim Guidance for Higher Education During the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency and Vermont's Mandatory Guidance for College and University Campus Learning.

 The ACPHS Reopening Plan addresses the following areas:
  • Reopening of the campuses
  • Monitoring of health conditions
  • Containment of potential transmission of the virus
  • Shut down of in-person operations on the campuses, if necessitated by widespread COVID-19 transmission
The ACPHS Reopening Plan is the culmination of collective efforts of faculty and staff and it incorporates feedback from faculty, staff and students.
This reopening plan will serve as our overarching "operating manual." The corresponding policies developed to implement elements of the reopening plan may need to be updated as needed depending on the developing circumstances.
We have submitted the ACPHS Reopening Plan to New York State. New York State does not need to approve our reopening plan, but the state could require changes to the plan if they do not find it satisfactory. Vermont does not require we submit the plan, but that we have it on file. 

We have posted our reopening plan in the footer labeled Reopening Plan on our ACPHS Reopening Plan web pages. We have also posted the four attachments that were submitted with the plan as supplemental materials. We will continue to add information to these web pages, so please check back often. 
If after reviewing our reopening plan you have any questions, please email your questions to

Thank you all for your patience during this complex reopening process. I also want to share my deep appreciation to the Campus Reopening Task Force for their thoughtfulness, diligence and tireless effort on this reopening plan!

Greg Dewey
ACPHS President