Campus Reopening Update #1 - Partnering with EYP to Reopen Campus on Time
To ACPHS Community,

We're working continuously to return to campus this fall. Our top priorities continue to be the health and safety of our community and delivering the quality education you've come to know and expect at ACPHS.  

To help us achieve our goal of beginning the fall semester on time with students back on campus, we're partnering with EYP Architecture & Engineering to develop data driven procedures to create a  safer environment for our campus community. Since th ere are several outside factors that could impact our goal, we're planning for multiple scenarios.

To assist with scenario planning, I've formed a Campus Reopening Task Force to focus on the following four areas. The point person for each committee will work with faculty and staff with expertise in those areas.
  • Academics & Research: Anuja Ghorpade
  • Student Services: John Felio (and Sue Iwanowicz in the transition)
  • Testing & Tracing: Michelle Parent
  • Campus Operations & Communications: Packy McGraw, Shannon Hutton
An EYP representative will provide guidance in task force discussions and:
  • Develop protocols for how spaces are used, configured and monitored 
  • Evaluate building infrastructure including air quality 
  • Analyze people flow and provide solutions to reduce surface contact
  • Evaluate technology infrastructure and systems
  • Provide graphics and analytics to communicate findings and procedures
The Governor is expected to release in June guidance to colleges on how to reopen campuses in the fall. The task force will use this guidance and analysis provided by EYP to develop a draft plan by mid-June to reopen campus.  This initial plan will be adjusted as needed, but will provide a framework to begin moving forward to return to campus.

In the meantime, I'm hosting a series of small group conversations with faculty and staff to get your feedback, hear your concerns and answer your questions as best I can with the information available at this time. Please click on this link to choose which date you'd like to attend. You'll then receive a separate meeting invite. 

I thank the entire community for your efforts and understanding during this difficult and uncertain time, and continue to believe these challenges will make us stronger. 

Greg Dewey
ACPHS President