Campuses Condemn Free Speech
Just over 50 years ago, students at the University of California, Berkeley protested for the right to free speech on campus.   It's ironic the same campus that championed free speech, now prohibits diversity of thought.  

Curbs on free speech are not limited to Berkeley.  Students and faculty across the country have rioted, often violently, against conservative speakers.

Middlebury College had a protest turn violent and a professor injured when a conservative speaker was invited to campus.  According to the Washington Post, liberal professors at leading universities outnumber their conservative counterparts 12-1.

It's no wonder critical thinking skills are in short supply!

As we near July 4th and celebrate Independence Day, let us never forget that our rights to free speech are granted to us by God - not by College Professors.  Our Republic depends on this eternal truth.

Happy Independence Day -- and God Bless America!
Yours In Service,

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