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Can a Change in Smell Or Taste Harm Your Oral Health?   

Yes, a change or loss in smell or taste can make it more challenging to maintain a healthy smile. Though there are several reasons for an altered sense of smell or taste, these conditions have become more common as a symptom of COVID-19.

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Mouth-Friendly Recipe: Vegetarian Pumpkin Chili

Nothing beats comfort foods like a warm bowl of chili. This perfect-for-fall recipe is packed with pumpkin, which is a good source of two antioxidants — vitamins A and C — that help fight off infection and protect your smile. Toss in several other veggies that are great for your oral health to create this savory dish. 

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What is Tongue Mewing?

We’ve all heard of defining muscles through exercise, but have you heard of exercises that can help define your jawline? Enter: tongue mewing — one of the latest trends online that claims it can change the shape of your jawline by focusing on tongue placement in your mouth. 

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Move Aside, Turkey! 3 Sides That Steal the Show  

Usually, the ham or turkey is the centerpiece of the holiday dinner table. Why not change things up this year with these easy Thanksgiving side dishes! They’ll leave guests asking for more! Not only are they delicious, they’re perfect for your oral and overall health, too..

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Mouth Healthy Cookbook for Total & Oral Health

Never sure what to cook for dinner? Need a recipe that can be modified for a single-serving? We created this free, mouth-healthy cookbook filled with easy-to-make recipes that are good for your total and oral health. Download your copy today!

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The Link Between Diabetes

and Gum Disease  


Diabetics already have a lot to keep track of: blood sugar levels, nutrition, eyesight and weight loss or gain, just for starters.

Unfortunately, people suffering from diabetes are also at higher risk for gum disease and are more likely to require gum disease treatment to combat it.

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