Can Confidence Fast Track Your Career? 

September 2011 
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Speaker Liaison
Ashley Schreder

Ever wondered how a bureau keeps all the speakers' information current? Well, meet Ashley Schreder.

Best Part of Your Job:
Working with all of our amazing speakers. I get to be inspired by a new speaker every day.

Memorable Moment:
The GDA dance parties! We worked really hard on a speaker search and broke out in a dance to celebrate that it worked out! It's our tradition. This team has amazing energy and a lot of fun.
When You're Not at GDA:

I love being with my family, friends and my dog, Bailey. Movies and sports are my go-to weekend activities. 

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Speaking Dynamo Tim Sanders Takes on Confidence


Tim Sanders

Tim Sanders is blowing up ... again. We aren't surprised. The best-selling author and business speaker's latest book, "Today We Are Rich" encouragers readers and audiences alike to tap into the power of confidence. As Tim says, it can fast track your career, grow your business in lean times and lead your team to new levels. Over the summer the GDA team had the opportunity to see Tim at the Inc. Magazine Leadership Conference and the Dallas Social Media Club - both events were blockbusters full of his no nonsense approach to getting results.

Gail Awarded Top 25 Women in Business
DBJ 3 

Gail Davis was honored last month by the Dallas Busines Journal as one of the Top 25 Women in Business.  The entire GDA team was there to cheer her on as she accepted her well deserved award.  Gail's personal advice for success, "Over communicate. It just makes it easier for everyone."  Watch what other advice she has. 


Read Gail's Opinion in "When Good Speakers Go Bad"  


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Gail Davis was recently interviewed by Successful Meetings magazine on the topic: "When Good Speakers Go Bad." What did she tell them? Find out!

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 "If every person in 

your organization could walk 

into a meeting and be on a first name basis with everyone in 

the room, it would be a game changer for your business."


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