District and charter leaders work together to study how resources are used

ERS partnered with a coalition of district leaders, charter leaders, and education advocates in Oakland, California to study student need, resource levels, and resource use in the two sectors. This collaborative effort serves as a model for how all sides can come together around a shared fact base to enrich a city-wide conversation about improving public education.

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Ideas from the Denver Public Schools portfolio model 

As the Oakland community works to increase equity and excellence, Denver Public Schools serves as an encouraging example of a collaborative relationship between district and charter school leaders. Denver Public Schools has raised student achievement across all student groups, in part through integrating charter schools into the district transformation strategy.

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A case study of professional learning 

Weekly collaborative planning time can be the optimal place for teachers to grow as professionals. But what do teacher teams need to ensure this collaborative time actually drives teacher and student learning - rather than feel like just another mandatory meeting? We draw lessons from a school system where students are beating the odds.
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Scheduling tools for all school types 
If schools want rich collaborative planning time, they need to make time for it. W e recommend this  three-step scheduling process with accompanying tools  to understand the trade-offs and staffing implications of 90 minutes of weekly collaborative time and design a master schedule. 

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ERS mourns the recent passing of Massachusetts Commissioner of Education, Mitchell Chester. We learned so much from his courageous and persistent work to increase equity and excellence for all children as well as his generous sharing of lessons.  

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Because our children deserve more than a few great schools.

Ensuring college and career readiness for all students, especially lower-income students and students of color, requires redesigning school systems to enable new ways of organizing schools for student and teacher learning. School System 20/20 is our vision for transforming school systems so every school succeeds for every student, because of the system - not in spite of it.



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