Did you know that it's possible to be covered by two dental plans at the same time? This is known as dual dental coverage and it typically occurs when you have two jobs that each provide dental benefits, or you are covered by a spouse's dental plan in addition to your own.

Here's how it works:
  • Dual dental coverage doesn't double your benefits, but it may help you pay less for dental care because treatment costs can be shared between your two carriers.
  • All dental plans have contractual language to determine how coordination of benefits (COB) will be handled between the two plans.
  • One dental plan is designated as the primary and the other as secondary. In most cases, the secondary plan won't accept a claim until the primary one has paid for covered services.

If you have two dental insurance plans, then be sure to talk to both carriers to fully understand if and how dual coverage benefits you. You can also consult with your company's human resources department.
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