Every day is filled with holidays - today is national popcorn day & more . It's also a great day to get the word out to your customers and clients about the great things you have in store for 2018 .

To do this, I recommend Constant Contact . It's a program I've come to know and love - and I'd be happy to help you get started down the path towards more business in 2018. If you start a new account I'll do my best to get you up and running quickly.

If you'd like to try Constant Contact out for 2 months for free, you can also take a trial . And, like the buttery goodness featured above, I think once you start dipping in, you'll see the value of reaching out to your world on a regular basis.

It works.

Given the change to Facebook's algorithm announced last week - email marketing continues to be the basket I put my eggs in. All these food references - it must be time for lunch.

I hope 2018 is going great for you so far.

Take care,

Albert Kaufman