"Can libraries and the internet coexist??"

This is a common question that I've received... and no, I'm not thinking only about access to computers in the library. The general commentary is that the internet has removed the need for the library altogether.

Here is where I stand on this topic: education is even more important in the age where misinformation surrounds us, attention spans are shorter, and digital rights access becomes a bigger and bigger issue. Anyone can post an article, write a book, or create a website. However, access to quality information is key for an informed and engaged community.

Content sites like YouTube have been a great addition to DIY communities, but is the information always correct? Why not check a few sources or local codes to make sure you are doing it right? If you are at home using library resources on the internet or looking at physical content for more information - woohoo! Checking your Libraries can be places of active and passive learning - just like the internet. There is no reason that we can't co-exist. This answer doesn't take into account the use of a library as a third space or the various in-person programs we have. The internet is a tool, and just like all other tools, you have to make sure you use it correctly so that you don't injure someone.

As Google has become a verb: "did you Google that?" I'll ask this in a similar vein: "How do you Library?"

Cheers - Brian 



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"The Plot" OF THE PLOT
Join us as we dive into “the plot” of The Plot, a New York Times Best Seller. Author Jean Hanff Korelitz’s psychological thriller keeps the suspense flowing! This story details Jacob Finch Bonner's journey as both a novelist and a teacher. His life takes some unexpected dramatic twists and turns when one of his former students passes away before the completion of his novel. What Jacob does from there is all in “the plot”...

Tuesday, November 8th
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM 
On Zoom 
Children and adults reading in the library
We are super stoked to announce MPL's Friends & Foundation was chosen as one of the 2022 MCGives nonprofits to support! Imagine an area where kids can still be kids. A simple yet complicated statement during a very challenging time in all of our lives. 

Here at the Monterey Public Library, we pride ourselves on being an inclusive community hub for everyone, including our future generations of young readers and community leaders. 

With that in mind, MPL’s Friends & Foundation has prioritized funding the redesign of the library’s children area through the My Place to Learn (MPL) Campaign. The Monterey County Gives! (MCGives) annual campaign kicks off November 10th and runs through December 31st. 

The My Place to Learn (MPL) redesign initiative will provide a much needed facelift to include an open, aesthetically happy and safe learning and play zone, surrounded with brightly colored age appropriate kids furniture and decor for Monterey families and visitors to enjoy. 

Donated funds to My Place to Learn through Monterey County Gives! will have an additional matched percentage back to MPL at the end of the campaign, making your generous dollars go even further. 

To donate or for more information:

Picture this - the cool MPL Bookmobile meets STEM (Science Technology Engineer Math) In The Park for a crazy rendezvous! Interested in seeing what sparks fly? Join us in learning about circuits and electricity, as we create a light-up window hanging using paper circuits.

Saturday, November 12th
11:30 AM - 1:00 PM
Montecito Park Bookmoble Stop
220 Montecito Avenue, Monterey 

For more information, check out the MPL Events Calendar
Join Lindy Perez, historian of the Robert Louis Stevenson (RLS) Club of Monterey, in an enlightening discussion of her research into the lives of two goat ranchers who saved the life of Stevenson when he fell gravely ill while camping at San Clemente Creek in 1879. Local newspaper articles and letters are explored in the RLS “Unbirthday” 2022 presentation - Robert Louis Stevenson and the Goat Ranchers of Carmel Valley. 

Saturday, November 12, 2022
2:00 PM - 3:30 PM 
MPL Community Room
Cake will be served
Parents, grandparents and care givers - looking for a fun, artsy activity (minus screen time) to do with the kids on Saturday?

Children aged 7-10 can join Meri every 3rd Saturday of the month in discovering the art of sewing. Each session will have a different project or theme.

Saturday, November 19th 
10:30 AM - 11:30 AM
MPL Community Room 
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