Three years ago, I had the privilege of selling a home to Jeffrey Florentine in Troon North. In spite of the fact that I knew Jeffrey is the owner of JSF Design and had been featured on HGTV as a design personality, I tried hard to talk him out of the home. I didn't see that the home was fixable. 

Two years later I discovered that he had completely reimagined the space and sold the home for 72% more than he had paid for it. The home sold far above any similar home in that neighborhood. 

I was hooked! Not only did Jeffrey completely surprise me with his ability to transform a space from a dated strange flowing property into a star piece in the neighborhood, but he also made it feel like a home. Anyone can make a home look nice but it takes someone special to make you want to stay awhile.  
Recently, I decided to do a fun project with Jeffrey. We found the home shown above in Desert Mountain that had great bones but needed new life and decided to do a video series on it so you could see how a renovation comes to life in Scottsdale North.

I cant wait to see what he comes up with this time!

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