ProtestChildkilling: Can We End
Preborn Childkilling in 5 Years or Less?
ProtestChildKilling is not another pro-life ministry or organization. ProtestChildKilling is a movement within the pro-life movement that believes we can end pre-born childkilling in 5 years of less by effectively utilizing 2 civil rights models that have been successful in the past.

Martin Luther King Jr. successfully used sustained national peaceful protests in the 1960s to gain civil rights for blacks in the United States. Lech Walesa and the Solidarity Movement used the threat and eventual implementation of peaceful national strikes to cause the communists to leave Poland in the 1980s.

Today we are faced with an immoral and corrupt government that is becoming more and more tyrannical in many areas important to people of faith and morals. This government for 40 plus years has at worst supported pre-born childkilling and at best has condoned it. The pro-life movement has made enormous strides in these 4 decades and has achieved great success utilizing a mosaic of organizations and ministries that address every necessary aspect of ending abortion; from political pressure to post abortion healing, from closing abortion mills to pregnancy resource centers, from prayer and fast to sidewalk activism, and much more.

Everything we do in the pro-life movement is an important part of the mosaic of defending life and ending abortion. We have had issues though. We have lacked unity for a variety of reasons. Forty plus years of abortion has also caused a sense that it may be another 40 years, a generation or a lifetime, to end pre-born childkilling. A lack of will can be seen in some aspects of our movement, not in fighting abortion, but actually ending it and ending it decisively! Thus the 5 year plan brings a new perspective that calls for a renewed will and decisive strategy to end the bloodshed.
What do we ask? For now, nothing more than all of us continue doing what we are doing to fight and end abortion. But please, also go to the website,, and read the pro-life protest manifesto and check out the slideshow and videos. Also pray and fast about where we go as a movement from here.

Everything we do in defense of life, whether we walk for life or march for life, counsel, pray, fast, witness, or standup for life, we should also do in protest of pre-born childkilling. Using the mantle of “protest,” always peaceful and prayerful, is what can unite us within the diversity of our work as well as also send the message that we have the collective “will” to finally end this holocaust in time definite.

The movement has known protests in the past, the most dramatic being the Operation Rescue movement. Today we have “ProtestPP.” Many groups protest on an ongoing basis as their charism. We need to build on this movement until we are unified enough and have the resolve to finally end this - with 5 years being the goal.

The 5 year goal to end pre-born childkilling is not about overturning Roe vs Wade. The focus is not just making abortion illegal. The focus and the goal of this decisive plan to end pre-born childkilling is personhood from the moment of conception for our unborn brothers and sisters; eliminating the excluded class of the unborn and restoring their proper rights, dignity, and protection.
Some Thoughts for Prayer and Reflection…
All pieces of the life mosaic are necessary and important. However, everything we do for life or in defense of life, we also do in protest of our brothers and sisters in the womb being killed and our women and others being wounded.

We are protesting an immoral and corrupt government that created the “excluded class” of the unborn and has supported and condoned pre-born childkilling for 40+ years and is now tyrannically attacking marriage, family, and religious freedom.

We have been dealing with this immoral and corrupt government for 40+ years on their terms instead of imposing on our elected and appointed leadership the moral and just position that personhood begins at conception.

Peaceful and prayerful protests have been successful in the past.

No peaceful and prayerful protest is too small or ineffective.

The ultimate peaceful and prayerful protest is the potential and, if necessary, actual implementation of a national strike in the mold of Polish Solidarity.

We need to grow from large national protests done periodically to sustained national protests in the mold of what several groups are already doing regionally.

We need to grow beyond a concern about image and focus on the truth that we are dealing with pre-born childkilling and the killing needs to end.

The peaceful and prayerful 5 year plan is focused decisively on the last year of the next President’s 1st term.
PLEASE GO TO WWW.PROTESTCHILDKILLING.COM. Please read, study, pray, and fast.  All comments and suggestions are welcome.

Please note:
The Protestchildkilling Movement encourages people to support their local and / or national prolife groups…protestchildkilling is a movement not an organization.

The Protestchildkilling Movement does not wish access to any pro-life database, but hopes that all prolife groups will join the movement and forward information about this decisive peaceful and prayerful plan to end preborn childkilling.  

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