Question: With the current COVID-19 crises and 'social distancing' rules now prevalent throughout the US. What do we do about Eid prayer? According to the school of Imam Malik, is it permissible to perform the Eid Salat and Khutbah in one's home? Dr. Abdullah bin Hamid Ali responds to this question.
Dr. Abdullah bin Hamid Ali's response :

For Malikis the Eid prayer is not compulsory. It is Sunnah Mu’akkadah for those obligated to pray Jumah i.e. men and pubescent boys in sound physical health. In my review of the Maliki sources so far, I have not found any mention of Eid being allowed in one’s homes even in extraordinary circumstances. The only allowance for it I’ve found is for one who misses the prayer, at the public prayer grounds or masjid, to pray it at home. But, that does not include the khutba.
To be clear: (1) Malikis do not authorize the khutba of Eid in one’s home, (2) the idea that Salat al-Eid may be prayed in one’s home without an excuse, and (3) the default is for the Eid to be prayed in a Musalla. And, when it isn’t viable in a the musalla, it is to be prayed in the masjid. When neither of those are viable, it is fine to “pray” in your homes as individuals or as families. The main point is that this is not permissible absolutely. There must always be a valid justification, which was typically said to be that one “misses the prayer with the Imam.” In the Mudawwanah, “Malik said about the one who misses the Eid prayer with the Imam: “If he wishes, he may pray. And, he wishes, he may not pray.”
قال مالك فيمن فاتته صلاة العيدين مع الإمام، "إن شاء صلى و إن شاء لم يصل."
  Regardless of what anyone plans to do—i.e. pray eid at home or not, may Allah accept your worship and sincerity.

Dr. Abdullah bin Hamid Ali
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