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...and the craziness continues!

So, FYI, the following news:

---As announced in February, until further notice, the shop hours will be Mon-Fri 10a-2p, closed weekends. However, the Thursday hours changed last week, as we participate now in Farmer's Market, which started on May 14. Thursday hours are: 9am-1pm at the Farmer's Market (shop is closed during that time), but the shop opens on Thursdays 2:30-5pm after the Market.

As we are a specialty grocery, we are continuing to operate as such. Walk-ins are welcome, and you may request custom cuts of any of the wonderful cheeses and Delectable Pantry items that are waiting for you. If you prefer, phone in your order with VISA or MC, and we will deliver to your car at curbside. DoorDash is fully functioning now. Please see on the DoorDash app the menu of selected cheeses, and some of the many Delectable Pantry items such as crackers, charcuterie, jams and nuts that will be ready to "dash" as well. If you have never utilized this service, download the app to your phone, and let's get started!

You remember the joke about the new college student headed off to pursue their education, and acquire the "freshman 15?" Pounds, that is! Well, it has been pretty fun to chat with our customers, many of whom are enjoying cooking at home, making bread, and having regular evening wine and appetizer events with neighbors (distanced, of course)... I guess you could call the burgeoning new trend "the covid 19," pounds, that is! So, locals.... take a walk or bike ride to CHEESE CENTRAL. I guarantee it will be worth it!
Be well, and safely poke your nose out for essential groceries!
With appreciation,

Cindy and Staff
Gina, Karen, Julie, Christine and Angelo


Master Sommelier, a founding partner in Roy's Restaurants of Hawaii, writer, teacher, blogger, and advocate for everything Lodi Wine.... and friend to CHEESE CENTRAL, too, meet our neighbor, Randy Caparoso. His blog is so very informative every time. We learn so much about the riches of our own AVA and the wonderful people who make it all work! The link below takes you to a joint article about cheese, and wine pairing, and at the most auspices time too--when you have little to do but hang out at home and drink wine and eat cheese, right? Randy asked me to prepare the cheese-y part of the article, and he took care of the rest. You know what? Even I learn something new every day! Thanks, Randy...


Have you had your fill of binge- watching whole seasons of shows you'd never even heard of before? We are caught up on all the shows and movies that we really wanted to see, and are now revisiting some of our favorite older movies, even if just to nap in front of it!

We very happily binged on "100 Foot Journey," and "the Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" movies 1 and 2... the following recipe helped us stave off hunger mid-afternoon, in the theme, and then we GrubHub-ed Indian food from Friends Restaurant on Kettleman Lane in Lodi.

A fitting segue into the next day's flicks--"Tea with the Dames" featuring monologue with our favorite BBC actresses, and then a great movie called "The Quartet!" If you haven't seen it, check it out... not only a great cast, but all the extras ARE retired musicians and show business greats for real! I feel High Tea coming on, or maybe a hearty Bangers and Mash with a couple of good pints.

Happy Viewing and Dining!


8 oz cream cheese, softened
2 T sour cream or yogurt
2 t curry powder
1/2 C thinly sliced green onion
1/2 C chopped peanuts
9 oz chutney (we used Cherry
Chutney from Linden's
Homestead Favorites)

In a small mixing bowl, beat the cream cheese, sour cream and curry powder until smooth. fold in the onions and peanuts. Spread about 1/2" thick on a pretty serving plate. Pour chutney over the top, and serve with crackers or warm pita or naan breads.


As with most of the large events around the world and at home, the American Cheese Society has decided to cancel this year's conference and testing. I am registered already for next year's offering, but don't know where it will be held! Planning for future happiness means a vacation in a surprise location--well, vacation after the test happens. This could be fun!

with Bokisch Winery and
Cheese Central...

Join Markus and Liz, along with winemaker Elyse Perry,
to enjoy live music from Rob Stevenson! We've partnered together to offer a pre-order, hand-selected charcuterie board for two, to pair with 2019 Picpoul Blanc and
2017 Tempranillo!
Happy hour 5:30-6pm, and Live Music 6-7pm

This offer will be available for the first 100 people that email salutclub@bokisch.wine or call the tasting room
(209) 642-8880 to be added to the list! Sip with us along the way virtually (instagram, facebook, or zoom) by purchasing the two pack we will be tasting and talking about for 30% off!

Use Promo Code Fireside at Checkout

Order your charcuterie box by Thursday, May 21st at noon & pick-up at the winery Friday, May 22nd

Bottle purchase and charcuterie box for two
under $70 !!

What a fun date night!

_ _ _ _ _ _ _


Here are some good deeds to help the small, independent business--especially the ones deemed "non-essential..."
until they can go back to work

Buy Gift Cards
Buying a gift card to hold and use yourself at a later date allows the business an "interest-free loan!" They get the cash they need for the operational expenses without having to deliver the goods or service until the card gets redeemed, and they hopefully have regular business to get back to normal. Though we hope not, be aware that the company may not survive the pandemic--you make the call how to help them.


Many of these workers are paid minimum wage, and not all households have all the wage earners working. If you can afford to do so, the extra cash is much appreciated!


Credit cards are easy to use with very limited contact involved, however, they carry a very hefty transaction fee that the business must pay. Nothing is free in this world, right? Your accumulated "miles" are paid for by the businesses you frequent. Be aware that a cash transaction doesn't have fees, and debit card transactions are much lower in fees than credit transactions. Some businesses also accept checks, another no-fee method.


Many hair stylists, manicurists, cleaning professionals, and other small-scale service providers operate independently. If you are able, send a check to your manicurist or hair stylist, even though you haven't been able to have your haircut or nails done for two months! they will appreciate the generosity, and that payment comes out of your monthly budget anyway. I know not all of us have taken a pay cut. "Whatever you give will come back to you tenfold..." is a well-known biblical quote. The appreciation will be golden.


Please join us at Farmer's Market on Thursday mornings, if you are able. Since the market closes at 1pm, and there are a variety of food trucks on-site, you should come during your lunch hour if you are working in town!

As you may know, of the three cheese cases we have in the shop, one is always dedicated to California cheese only! So, we are featuring California cheesemakers in our Farmer's Market booth, doing our best to support the small dairies and cheesemakers who are struggling to keep the farm going during the restrictions and shut-downs. From our Lodi chevre makers, Spenker Winery, to Modesto's Fiscalini Farms, and many others up and down the state, it is always time to eat cheese--therefore CHEESE O'CLOCK it is!

Online, check out CHEESE O'CLOCK at janetfletcher.com/cheese-oclock-1 to get involved in the virtual pairings featured there.


Do you "plan for future happiness?" A quick phone call will help you do this!    Cheese 101A and Bread Baking Basics are offered every month from January through October. Popular classes such as Sushi, Filled Pasta and Bistro in Paris repeat throughout the year. 

PARKING FOR CLASS PARTICIPANTS: Street parking is limited, though available. Feel free to park in the F&M Bank parking lot (after banking hours) and walk through the alley to School Street. The parking lot on Church St. across from F&M Bank is public parking after 5 pm daily and on weekends. The entrance to the public parking garage is on Pine Street at the Lodi Arch. Free and accessible to all three levels.  

Call to Book A Party For Your Group

CALL 209 368-3033 Phone registration with VISA or MC