Can You BQ?


Qualifying for the Boston Marathon is the Holy Grail for many runners. To help runners on their quest, I've created a new tool called the "Can You BQ?" calculator. 


Using the Can You BQ? calculator allows you to see what race times you need to achieve at other distances to predict that you can run your Boston Qualifying Time. This is the first step I use when coaching an athlete to Boston and can be very helpful in evaluating your chances of qualifying in your next marathon.


Can You BQ? goes even further though and calculates how much improvement you will need to meet your Boston Qualifying time based on your age and gender and current marathon performance level.


We've even created a cool "BQ yard stick" graphic. This simple red, orange, green graphic quickly shows the likelihood of a BQ at your next marathon.  Using our research from thousands of McMillan-trained runners who have qualified for Boston, we can accurately evaluate your chances of a BQ and have even put together training and racing resources from our site that can help you as you make your assault on a BQ.



Put together, all of this information helps you on your journey to a BQ.  I've been using this system for years and find it invaluable in helping runners hone in their training and racing as they work toward Boston. Now, I'm making it available to you as the Can You BQ? calculator.


Can You BQ? is part of McMillan PRO - a suite of training and racing tools that includes recommended workouts, race pace training, a nutritional calculator, my treadmill workouts, the heat adjustment calculator, running form and core training videos for runners. Subscribe today to enjoy these along with the new Can You BQ? calculator.


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Boston Finish Line
Join the McMillan BQ List!
Qualifying for Boston is a huge milestone that the McMillan Team is thrilled to help so many achieve. Congrats to all who have qualified for the 2014 or 2015 Boston Marathon!
  1. Greg McMillan, 3:07:37, 2013, The Boston Marathon
  2. Ian Torrence, 2:59:32, 2013, The Boston Marathon
  3. Steven Bothe, 2:57:51, 2013, Publix Georgia Marathon
  4. Dave Scheibel, 3:05:36, 2013, Skagit Flats Marathon
  5. Guillaume Chanfreau, 3:00:53, 2013, OC Marathon
  6. Merry Dearmon, 3:12:53, 2013, Phoenix Marathon
  7. Linda Malarkey, 3:34:48, 2013, Two Rivers Marathon
  8. Jim Micheels, 3:07:53, 2013, Lehigh Marathon
  9. Lori Bogert, 3:51:21, 2013, The Boston Marathon
  10. Sean Peicheff, 3:07:17, 2013, Ottawa Marathon
  11. Mary Arnold, 3:31:21, 2013, The Boston Marathon
  12. Gina Junkermann, 3:32:15, 2013, The Boston Marathon
  13. Stephen Itano, 3:20, 2013, Healdsburg Marathon
  14. Miguel Almeida, 2:57:13, 2012, Chicago Marathon
  15. Patrick Helgerman, 3:14:21, 2013, Erie Presque Isle
  16. Tom Silva, 3:07:48, 2012, Glass City Marathon
  17. Sandy Minor McKay, 3:52:12, 2012, Chicago Marathon
  18. Chris Kennan, 3:49:16, 2013, New Jersey Marathon
  19. Michael Chico, 3:10:18, 2013, Illinois Marathon
  20. Caitlin Norton, 3:40:57, 2012, CIM
  21. Anne Cottrell, 3:04:37, 2013, Ottawa Marathon
  22. Barbara Haney, 3:45, 2013, Charleston Marathon
  23. Constance Wannamaker, 3:34:41, 2013, The Boston Marathon
  24. Scott McCann, 2:58:27, 2012, Wineglass Marathon
  25. Brendan Adams, 2:59:57, 2013, Pocatello Marathon
  26. Eric Beard, 3:32:40, 2012, Toronto Waterfront Marathon
  27. Terry McManus, 3:16:29, 2013, The Boston Marathon
  28. Jim Byrne, 3:12:23, 2013, Calgary Marathon
  29. Roy Coley, 3:11:26, 2013, The Boston Marathon
  30. Charles Shapiro, 3:22:07, 2012, Marine Corps Marathon
  31. Benoit D�riger, 2:59:13, 2013, Ottawa Marathon
  32. Natt Reifler, 3:14:24, 2013, The Boston Marathon
  33. Rob Flowers, 3:24:04, 2012, Wineglass Marathon
  34. Terri Kirkman, 3:27:02, 2013, Warner Robbins Marathon
  35. Amy Roe, 3:41:27, 2013, The Boston Marathon
  36. Chrissie James Blevins, 3:32, 2013, Erie Presque Isle
  37. Jim Phelan, 3:09:01, 2012, Dublin Marathon
  38. Jennifer Darnell, 3:37:19, 2013, The Boston Marathon
  39. Rob Scherff, 3:22:49, 2012, Fox Cities Marathon
  40. Joseph Bojarski, 3:17:09, 2013, Glass City Marathon
  41. Bruce Gilbert, 3:26:29, 2013, Garmin Oz Marathon 
Did you use McMillan Running to BQ for 2014 or 2015 and don't see your name? We want to know about it! Comment on Facebook or send an email to to be added to the ever-growing McMillan BQ List!

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