During Black History Month, Voluntad recognizes that human trafficking disproportionately impacts Black communities.

Census data shows that the Denver population is comprised of 9.24% of Black people. Over the years at Voluntad, 23% of the human trafficking survivors we have worked with are Black.

To hear a meaningful conversation with human trafficking survivors, mark your calendar for Framework's "Honoring Black Voices in the Anti-Trafficking Movement" on Wednesday, February 23rd at 2-3:30pm EST. 
This month at Voluntad…

We continue to see an increase in the demand for our services. Last year we saw a 73% increase (over 2020) in requests for our services. This year to date we have seen a 100% increase in requests for our services, as compared to the same period last year. 

Other service providers throughout the state are struggling to continue providing services to human trafficking survivors. Voluntad continues to fill the gap.  

Help us ensure that every human trafficking survivor who is seeking help, gets it.