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The Scoring School

A personalized program

exclusively for our past students.


8 hour school

2 day program

Afternoons 1:30-5:30


Curriculum includes short game review, full swing video analysis, trouble shots, uneven lies, on course instruction when available, and much more.


$399 One on One
$299 Two on One

The Shortgame School

6 Hour School

2 Day Program

Afternoons: 2:00 - 5:00 pm


Curriculum covers all shots within 60 yards


Day One: Putting and Chipping

Video Analysis Included


 Day Two: Pitching and Greenside Bunker Work


Concludes with 9 Hole Shortgame Challenge


$299 One on One

$249 Two on One

$199 Three on One



All designed

to lower your scores


Classic Swing Golf School Alumni call 800-827-2656
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The Putting Ratio

The 2019 PGA Teaching and Coaching Summit held in January in Orlando, Florida was well worth the time and energy.
I always attend my association's bi-annual conferences with an open mind and search for common themes shared in my field of teaching. I pursue areas of interest in the  break-out sessions and continuing education seminars and better prepare myself to share those ideas with you. 
Four of my twelve sessions centered around the topic of putting --  especially the characteristic of distance and speed control.

2:1 Ratio 
The consensus for distance control in putting is mastery of the 2:1 ratio!! So what is the 2 to 1 ratio? 
This metric is measured in time, not speed, consists of the backswing of the putting stroke taking twice as long as the downswing stroke to impact. 

The MAGICAL numbers, if using a metronome, or a device that we use called Blast Motion (right), is .6 backstroke and .3 downstroke (below). Our sensor pairs with the I-pad and allows us to measure and quantify.

It is important to note that this 2:1 ratio applies to a 3 footer or a 63 footer, uphill or down!
All of our Level 2 Short Game Schools will feature this Blast Motion station for optimal improvement in distance control. 
Bottom line, TEMPO is the key in putting. Sure, there other points of concern, but the main metric in distance control is steady acceleration!
and watch us demonstrate this live!
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Ted Signature
Ted Frick 
Owner/Director of Instruction 
The Classic Swing Golf School 
2005 Carolinas PGA Section Teacher of the Year
TPI Level 1 Certified Golf Fitness Instructor
G.S.E.D., The Golfing Machine

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