October 2021
I noticed when I blog or write newsletters about mindset and correlate how we think to the results we get, I get a lot of unsubscribes. I used to take offense to this and think that it was something I said and perhaps next time I should tone it down or take a different approach. Then one day recently, I saw the truth, and it made me laugh out loud. The reason people unsubscribe when I am coaching them on their mindset is because I am coaching people to true ownership, to true freedom. But, those who are not ready to fully own their life, can’t handle that truth. They want to look to their franchisor to make them successful, but how is that ownership? How is that true freedom?

Whenever we look to people, situations or circumstances outside of ourselves to make us successful, we can never really be successful. If you left corporate America to find freedom in franchise ownership, but you are looking to your franchisor to make you successful, then you just traded one kind of servitude for another. Let me say it more simply…..you cannot own your future if you are relying on your franchisor, or anything outside of yourself to make you successful.

Now yes, if you are paying royalties to a franchisor, then that franchisor has an obligation to provide adequate tools such as marketing, training, technology and support to help you, but tools alone will not make you successful. It is the execution of the proven plan; it is what you do with those tools that makes you successful.

In order to truly own your future, to own your business, to own your revenue, to own your time, you must own it! How do you do that? It all starts with your mindset. Most of what goes wrong in life could have been avoided with a better set up. Now that is not to say hardships can always be avoided or should always be avoided. Don’t we learn more when things go wrong than when things go right? But, what if you could build the right foundation to your franchise business such that your business would not fail?

I was an average performing consultant for 8 years. Then I did one thing, and one year later, I had made history. I was the same me. FranChoice was the same process. but I produced two very different results because I changed.

I changed what I thought about. I changed my priorities. I changed to focus on what I could control, letting the rest go until I maximized what I could control for that day. Then I dealt with the rest of things I had to do in my business. I disciplined myself to stay committed to this focus no matter what, and I made no excuses for myself. I did not argue for my limitations. I just kept controlling what I could control. One year later, I had made history, but what I had really done was found true ownership, true freedom.

Once I saw the world that way, I could never go back. Today, 10 years later, I have maintained that history making business and built it even bigger. I have shared what I do with other consultants who also now have similar results. I have turned what I did into a science that can be replicated, and so while some would say my business results are magical, I would say it is not magic. It is science. And what it really is – is a mindset.

The reason people unsubscribe when I talk about mindset is because they are not ready to really own their life, and that is okay! I do not offense to it anymore. I take it as a sign that I am speaking truth.

I do not want to just help people say YES! to their business ownership dreams. I want to make history makers! I want to help you live the life of your dreams. Afterall, that is what you came to me telling me you wanted to do. We use the business as the vehicle to drive a result, but the business is like the engine in the car, and your mindset is the fuel. The engine can be supercharged, but if you do not put in high quality gas even the best car engine in the world will not go.

I want to be the Coach who inspires you to true freedom. That is what we all want. I can be your mentor if you can handle the truth.
Do you love the idea of serving seniors and their families but see liability in sending care givers into homes not to mention the management job that is a senior care business? If so, this spotlighted franchise business may be the one for you!

  • Low Investment
  • Home-Based
  • 1-2 Employees
  • High Margins
  • Flexible Schedule
  • Cash Business
  • Free Service for Your Clients
  • Build Relationships, Nurture and Love on People
  • Feel GREAT about the work you get to do

To learn more about this emerging franchise opportunity, contact me today!

Tossing and turning at night because your business owns you rather than you owning it? Learn how to get a good night of sleep with these 10 tips.
Congratulations to my AMAZING candidates who said YES! to their dreams to own their financial future and life in September. You inspire me every day. GO LIVE YOUR DREAM BY OWNING YOUR MINDSET.
David & Cassie | Richland, WA
PMA (2)
Amazing energy and a great process!
Kim was instrumental in us making the best decision! We knew it was time for us to dive into the franchise world, but we really didn’t have any clue how to get started. I started to inquire about a franchise, but it was mainly based off google searches without any real direction. I decided to reach out to Kim after hearing her on a podcast, and it was the best thing we could have done.

Probably one of the best things that she did was so simple but incredibly important, she had us both involved in the process from the first call. It allowed me and my wife to be crystal clear in what we were doing and what we were trying to achieve. My wife was on board with the franchise idea and was ready to come aboard when I found the right opportunity, but having her involved from day one with Kym really made the selection process much clearer and right for both us. Kim’s process helped us focus in on our wants and needs and she provided us with several options that we would have never come across on our own. She walked us through the selection of a franchise, what questions to ask and what to look for. Our decision was fairly quick with one franchise that not only made sense, but that we could both be passionate about! THANK YOU KIM!!!
David & Cassie - Richland, WA
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