April 2017
The Domestic Disaster Relief branch of GoServ Global 
exists for two main purposes:

1. To provide assistance to those impacted by natural disasters here in the Midwest, providing help and hope to those who feel hopeless.

2. Providing assistance to all other arms of GoServ Global by sharing the story at various promotional events, plus gathering donations and resources.
To continue to do this, we need your help. 

We are ready to deploy our people and equipment if a disaster hits here in the Midwest. However, we need to raise $10,000 to properly maintain our tools and equipment, pay for things like yearly state vehicle registration fees, and deal with equipment issues that occur at disaster sites.  We also need to pay off the pickup truck we recently purchased to use for Domestic ($12,000). 

Would you consider helping by making a donation to the Domestic Disaster Relief arm of GoServ Global? See donation options below.

There are some other resources that GoServ Global is looking for to help us better meet our mission of helping those in need.  It is always neat to see how God provides and one way is the direct donation of items.  Please read the list below and consider if you are able to DONATE any of these items OR know someone who may be able to donate them. Perhaps your church might be interested in doing a fundraising project for one of these items.
GoServ Global has a small warehouse where we keep supplies and equipment to be used in a disaster here in the United States, and where we store donations as they await shipment to Haiti, Peru, and Guatemala.  The following items are needed at the warehouse:

This forklift will be used to handle material equipment that comes in and out of the warehouse. 

For storing donations as they're waiting to be shipped. This will make our warehouse more efficient as the amount of donations increases.

PALLET JACK (New or Used):
This will be used to organize supplies/ move pallets around in the warehouse and in trucks as we load and unloaded.

SCAFFOLDING (New or Used):
Scaffolding will be used in building Safe T Homes ® here in the states for promotional purposes. We also want to have a supply of scaffolding on hand that can be sent with Safe T Homes to Haiti and other projects/potential Safe T Home sites.

This would be used mostly in a disaster setting. It will provide light as we work or  for security. It would also be used as a generator to provide power for our office and shop trailer.

We would use the camper both in promotional settings and at a disaster site. This would allow us to stay close to the worksite and save money on housing.

To Donate FUNDS to GoServ Global's Domestic Arm:
Visit www.goservglobal.org/give & 
Choose Domestic Disaster Relief in the dropdown


Mail your donation to:
GoServ Global
PO Box 193
Eagle Grove, IA 50533

To Donate EQUIPMENT, please contact Dennis Anderson at 712-887-0862.


Thank you so much for all your support of GoServ Global. 


In Service,

Paul van Gorkom
GoServ Global 
Executive Director

GoServ Global | PO Box 193 | 310 E Broadway | Eagle Grove, Iowa 50533
515.448.3131 | office@goservglobal.org | www.goservglobal.org