Make a Zakat or Sadaqah Donation
In the true spirit of Zakat, giving is more than just the material (food and clothing, money), it involves supporting the spirit and the mind.

At the heart of FAITH’s mission and programs lies the following: to help those in need achieve self-sufficiency, and through this, to restore their human dignity.
Week 1
April Cases in Need of Support
Elderly single woman needs assistance with food. She receive small income but not enough to cover her basic expenses.

Case: LT01
Single women with medical issues related to the loss of the only child, prevented her from earning income. She needs to meet basic expenses.

Case: LT02
Elderly single woman working part-time. She's in need of assistance with food and rent, because she does not qualify for government assistance.

Case: LT03
Single mother of two kids with medical issues is unable to work full time. The family needs help assistance with utility.

Case: LT04
Elderly couple with health issues on disability income that does not cover basic expenses. In need for assistance with rent. Please help this elderly couple.

Case: LT05
Single mother on fixed income has a child with mental health disability that prevents her from working full time. She need needs assistance to pay for utility.

Case: LT06
Elderly man receive fixed disability income is suffering from cancer unable to work and no other family in the country. He's in need assistance with food and other basic.

Case: LT07
Family of four, the father has permanent disability from stroke. Their only income is SSI does not cover family basic expenses. The wife is unable to work caring for disabled husband and young children.

Case: LT08
Elderly single woman only able to work. Does not qualify for government assistance. In need of assistance with food and rent.

Case: LT09