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Consider 'Going Local' to Help
Stabilize Your Supply Chain

If COVID-19 has taught us anything,
it is the fragility of global supply chains.

Consider these resources to strengthen your current provider relationships and to help build new ones.
Many companies that rely on offshore suppliers have found themselves unable to get the parts they need, or have very long lead-times. Many are rethinking the wisdom of putting so many of their eggs into what now seems
a very vulnerable basket.
If your company is suffering from supply chain disruption, the Manufacturers’ Association can put you in contact with local businesses that can fulfill your needs.

These challenging times present an opportunity for Pennsylvania businesses to come together to help each other, boosting the local economy, creating local jobs, and creating supply chains that can survive whatever is thrown at them.

Contact The Manufacturers' Association by email at
for assistance, or visit our website at 'Find a Manufacturer' to put to use our searchable tools that allow you to search by manufacturer name or by NAICS code. This resource can assist you in locating other manufacturers and providers, and perhaps allow you to create a more responsive and timely supply chain.

Consider us as your resource in helping manufacture your own future in these challenging times!
Can You Step Up and Manufacturer Critical Medical Equipment?
There is becoming an increased awareness that the Country has an urgent need for manufacturers to step up and produce critically needed medical equipment and supplies.

If you are able to manufacture these products, please complete this survey and we will work with our regional economic development partners to connect you to the appropriate federal contacts. 
Here are Several Resources for Manufacturers to Keep in Mind!

Our online website Guide contains valuable information on topics relating to COVID-19:

This document from OSHA details their guidance on preparing your workplace:

The Governor of Pennsylvania has issued this clarification regarding 'essential' business:
As Pennsylvania moves ahead with any new legislation concerning the current public health emergency, or if you have an interest in reaching out to your elected representative, keep our Grassroots Action Center top-of-mind.

Here you can track legislation as it moves through the Legislature, or find contact information to send a communication to your local representative.

Be sure to let our elected officials know that they need to support the important work being done by our region's manufacturers.
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