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Yes, I must first acknowledge that I'm not just a fan, I'm a friend of Dr Lori and I have signed up open heartedly for the upcoming One To One Wellness Retreat

And here's why.....
She simplifies the process. Lori evaluates how all forms of healing can be beneficial, from herbal and cultural medicines to lifestyle changes.

After starting a new exercise program, I developed the worse back pain, ever. I knew that I should have backed off but I kept pushing through the pain. Sound familiar? After being forced to stop, I went to my primary care doctor who was able to offer me pain meds, rest and a referral to a specialist. After a 2 hour wait and a 10 minute visit with the specialist, I was referred for an MRI. After deciding that I , at least, needed a physical exam, I called a trusted physical therapist. He explained the source of my problem and started me on a massage and exercise regimen to attempt to alleviate the imbalance.

Without much success after 3 weeks, he agreed an MRI might be best. At that point, I made the call to get advice from Dr. Lori. She acknowledged that the diagnostic test would provide information but would do little to give correction or cure. The results from the MRI revealed small herniations in my lumbar spine. My course of physical therapy didn't change much. Dr. Lori' approach was not to adopt and take ownership of the diagnosis. She acknowledged the findings and my complaints but insisted that how we define it may have little relevance to how we correct it. Her first thought was to change how the brain focuses on the pain. She started with some simple 'tapping' exercising. She then recommended a four-day fast; a bit challenging by day 2 but not as difficult as expected. Re-route the brain from the source of pain. Rest the body. Clear out toxins and regenerate the cells. Immediately my pain improved. My energy level was restored. And I was back to my 4-mile walks, 4 pounds lighter.

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