Can Your Body Help You Interpret Your Dreams?
Dreams are messages from your subconscious mind to your conscious mind, 'emotional pictures' or creative expressions of your feelings about your waking life.
Tonight’s seminar participants will learn some simple yet helpful methods of dream interpretation, specifically a method of body-based ('embodied') dreamworking. Bring a dream to this seminar.
You’ll also experience a group hypnotic 'sleep and dream incubation' session where you’ll set an intention to allow your deep wise mind, while sleeping, to present dream metaphors that can provide guidance and deepen your self-understanding about a challenge in your life.
Facilitated by Kathryn McGlynn, Certified Hypnotist.
Date: Tues Dec 15 from 7- 8pm
Tickets: $25.00
This is a 1 hour virtual seminar on Zoom.
Preregistration and prepayment are required.
To register, click on the Paypal button HERE to pay and
indicate you are registering for the Dream seminar.
After payment is processed, your Zoom link and seminar
materials will be emailed to you.
The seminar will be recorded. If you are unable to attend,
you can still register and receive the class recording and
class materials and listen at a later time. 
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Weighted Blankets

According to the Journal of Sleep Medicine and Disorders, studies have shown that weighted blankets can help people fall asleep faster and get more REM sleep.  Vivid dreams tend to occur during REM sleep. Scientists still don’t know why dream activity is so critical to healthy brains, but they do agree that having adequate amounts of REM is vital.

READ about one person's experience with a weighted blanket and the benefits that acccrued, including vivid dreams.

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Psychophysiologist, lucid dreaming researcher

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