July 11, 2019
Under Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), a dog and now even a miniature horse , can meet the legal definition of a service animal. This is not to be confused with an emotional support or therapy animal. Business owners and their employees should know the difference.
Service Animal:  A service animal is an animal that has been  trained  to perform  work   or  tasks  for the benefit of a person with a disability, including a physical, sensory, psychiatric, intellectual or other mental disability. Examples include: pulling a wheelchair, alerting deaf or hearing-impaired to the presence of other people or sounds, retrieving dropped items, pressing an elevator button, preventing or interrupting impulsive or destructive behaviors or seizures, detecting blood sugar levels.

Emotional Support Animal Also called therapy or comfort animals, these animals have not been trained to perform work or tasks. They provide a benefit just by being present and thus are not classified as true service animals under ADA rules. A note from a doctor stating an individual has a disability is not adequate to classify their animal as a service animal.  

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How Independent Hotels Can Create “Staycations” to Attract Local Patrons
Part 2 of 3
Traveling to a vacation destination can be out of reach of many people’s budgets or time constraints. But the desire to get away for a few days still burns in most of us. The answer for many people is to stay in town but still get away. They avoid all the hassles and expenses of travel – like exorbitant airfares and rising gas prices, crowded terminals and long drives, and elevated ticket prices for tourist activities. That’s what’s making the “Staycation” so popular for many locals.
Independent hotels and boutiques who don’t offer all the amenities of a resort can get into the staycation market by taking advantage of their surrounding communities. Some will hire a local shuttle bus operator to offer local patrons the ability to visit local restaurants, museums, and retailers without having to drive. It allows locals to explore their own city. Some will host beer- or wine-tasting events or have pool parties or family fun activities. Some will offer special discounts on event tickets or restaurant dining in conjunction with other local businesses.

The key to successful staycations for independent hotels is to link your website discounted room rates with activities locals would like to experience in their own cities.
Contact Nimesh Dinubhai at nims@websrefresh.com or (602) 644-1779 for all your website needs.
Laws Bar Employers from Denying Lactation Accommodation Requests

My employee is returning from pregnancy leave and has asked to have time off and a suitable place to express milk at work. We have never had this request before. Can we deny her request and tell her to come back to work when she no longer has this need? Alternatively, can we require her to use her car, or the restroom, or go home? We really do not have a place at work designated for that purpose.
No, you may not deny the employee’s request to express milk at work or keep her from returning to work until she no longer has that need.

Both California and federal law require that all employers, regardless of company size, reasonably accommodate an employee’s request to express milk in private at work.
In addition, for those employers that have employees working in San Francisco, the city has enacted the San Francisco “Lactation in the Workplace Ordinance,” which applies to all private employers with one or more employees working within the geographical boundary of the city.

From Checking Google to Checking In | Understanding the Modern Guest Journey
Free Webinar
Wednesday, July 24, 2019 @ 10 am Pacific
The guest journey is evolving. “Hotels in _____ city” searches have become the norm. Technology has played a huge part in that. Customers look to the top results in Google and trust reviews as much as a friend’s recommendation.What happens after you’ve been found? How easy is it for a potential guest to connect with your hotel? Guests demand convenience, and hotels that don’t adapt will be left behind.
In this webinar, we will be discussing:

  • How the modern guest journey has changed
  • What hotels can do to leverage convenience and win more guests
  • Which tools can help your hotel adapt to meet your guests’ demands
Why Going Back to School Makes Sense
FREE Webinar
Tuesday, July 30, 2019 10am Pacific
Attend this free webinar to learn about why going back to school makes sense, degree pathways, online learning, and scholarship options. The only thing standing between you and your degree is your decision to make it happen.

The degree or certificate you want, on your schedule. Scholarships automatically available to you through CLIA’s partnership with Brandman University. We value you and your personal and professional goals. That’s why we’re pleased to announce our educational partnership with Brandman University. Its programs are designed for people just like you who juggle full-time jobs and busy lives, but who want to find a way to further their education.

We’re here to answer your questions and guide you to graduation!
Contact: Sophie Moussa  szumout@brandman.edu  if you’re unable to attend but would still like information.
Lodging Attendees: Register before August 1 and Receive An Extra Ticket for the Grand Prize
Grand Prize:
  • Royal Kona Resort - 5 night stay in Kailua Bay Jr. Suite
  • Private Lanai with spectacular ocean views
  • Daily breakfast buffet for two
  • Self parking
  • Luau for two
  • Valued at $4,000
  • Must be present to win
What Else Can Attendees Expect?

Certification Workshops:
  • Human Trafficking Awareness and Education certification presented by Leavitt Pacific Insurance, satisfies the California legal requirement.
  • Has Governor Newsom Changed the Game?: A Legislative and Employment Law Review presented by John Mavros of Fisher Phillips
  • Workplace Sexual Harassment Training for Managers presented by Andrew Sommer of Conn Maciel Carey, meets the sexual harassment training requirements in California 
  • Are You Ready for 2020? Panel discussion with four industry experts who will share their insights on preparing for the future. Moderator: Neal Patel, AAHOA Secretary.
  • Grand Prize Drawing Royal Kona Resort - 5 night stay in Kailua Bay Jr. Suite
  • Cash Prizes Drawings
  • Getaway and Prize Drawings
  • Free Wine Tasting and Appetizers
  • Evening Reception with Excellence Awards and Scholarships Presentation
  • Networking, Networking, Networking
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