The Specimen Tracking &
Courier Management Solution.
Is Your Outreach Lab Up to The Task?
As a small-to-medium sized business, your lab faces some tough competition. Larger labs with more resources have capabilities like automated specimen tracking and courier management functions that provide greater visibility into their business. 

However, bigger labs don’t have that personal connection and flexibility that independent labs do. MCE can put you on the level of a national lab and because it’s a cloud-based solution, it’s easy to implement and train your couriers and administrators. With MCE you can improve your competitive position with the ability quickly and accurately track specimens, courier location, plan routes and more. 

Learn more about the features of MCE and how you can improve your competitive position with this flexible, intuitive cloud-based specimen tracking solution.
Streamlining – A New Feature of MCE
The MCE development team is always working with customers to improve features and functions of MCE. Most recently, customers requested an alternative function to "lab scans".

The “lab scan” feature of MCE was designed to designate a specimen’s final drop off at the lab for processing. However, for many MCE customers, lab visits were just another pick-up, or both a drop-off and pick-up visit which sometimes caused confusion for couriers.

After much discussion between MCE’s development team and customers, a new feature called “streamlining” was created to replace “lab scans”. With streamlining managers can now designate any location as a pick-up, drop-off, or both. If you are an active MCE customer interested in switching to streamlining, contact MCE customer support today! 
Slow The Spread
Limiting contact and keeping your distance during the COVID-19 crisis can be difficult for couriers; particularly when a lab requires a signature at pick up. In addition to following the CDC’s guidelines, properly disinfecting the device after each stop is recommended (read below for links to guidelines on how to properly disinfect your mobile devices). If your couriers don’t have the ability to keep up with this process for one reason or another, you can eliminate customers touching the device by taking a photo of the pick up if it fits within the protocol of your lab and approval by your client. Although the image cannot be uploaded to MCE at this time, the courier can save the image and record the transaction in the event it is needed for proof of pick up. Read our article below for advice on cleaning your Honeywell CT40 or other Honeywell mobile device.
Cleaning Your Devices
During this time of crisis, we are laser focused on hygiene. Handwashing, social distancing, masks, and gloves are all part of our daily lives now. Did you know that cleaning the devices and equipment you use is just as important as washing your hands? But you can’t just use any old cleaner to get the job done. It’s important to follow manufacturer guidelines to help prevent damaging the housing with harsh chemicals. Click the link below for Honeywell’s guidelines for safely cleaning their devices.

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