Can a Tooth Infection Kill You?

If left untreated, the cavity-causing bacteria in our mouths can be dangerous and even fatal. Learn the types of toothaches that can become deadly, how to treat them and the statistics surrounding fatal tooth infections.

 Mouth-Healthy Recipe:
Gluten-Free Zoodles

Finding pasta alternatives that are healthy and delicious can be a challenge. This hearty recipe uses zucchini in place of traditional noodles. Whether you have celiac disease, gluten intolerance or you're just trying to cut carbs, give these zoodles a try!

What Color Should Your Teeth Be?

Many people strive to have pearly whites. But did you know that teeth naturally darken with age? Learn the factors that affect the color of your teeth and the best ways to keep them shining bright.

You Control Your Age: Living a Healthy and Active Lifestyle

If we don't maintain our health as we get older, we may begin feeling the effects of aging. Exercising, eating right and taking care of our dental health can all play in to how old we feel. Try these simple tips to help you feel younger and healthier.

Protect Your Teeth While Drinking at AZ's Best Wineries

As autumn approaches, it's a great time to explore Arizona's grape-growing regions. Learn how to avoid damaging your teeth while visiting some of the best wineries in the state!

 Dentist Spotlight:
Dr. Alexandria Schwei

This month, we’d like to introduce you to Delta Dental dentist Dr. Alexandria Schwei of Premier Valley Dental in Phoenix. Dr. Schwei is a family dentist who offers complete dental care to all patients.
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