Vol. 10 Issue 2, October 8, 2020
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In this week's edition: Canada won't return to pre-pandemic employment for another four years; Bridging generational gaps in the skilled trades, How do essential skills influence life outcomes? Who's Hiring in Hamilton?; Hamilton LMI August 2020
Canada Won’t Return to Pre-Pandemic Employment for Another Four Years

The Conference Board of Canada has released an article discussing the length of time it may take Canada to return to the pre-pandemic employment - predicting at least four years from now. Restaurants, airlines and theatres among sectors facing tumultuous environment for the foreseeable future. The lingering pandemic will flatten and potentially stall Canada’s economic recovery into 2021 with non-energy investment particularly hit, says a new report by the Conference Board of Canada.

Bridging Generational Divides in the Trades
Young people entering the trades today often face outdated training and assessment models and persistent structural barriers to digital upskilling. This summary looks at ways to overcome these challenges.
Improving digital skills will be the most important factor in adapting Canada’s skilled trades to the future of work.

Tradespeople will need seven core digital skills:
  • technical, information management, digital communication, virtual collaboration, creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving in digital environments.
  • Today’s apprentices are digitally savvy, whereas the established journeypersons who mentor them did not grow up with digital devices and media.
Certified journeypersons also face multiple barriers to digital upskilling, from the overwhelming pace of digitization to a lack of basic computer literacy among some older workers.

How do Essential Skills Influence Life Outcomes?

There are plenty of reports which emphasize the importance of building essential skills in light of structural changes in the labour market, including technological disruptions and changing work norms. 

This research explores the relationship between young people's skills development, and life outcomes in terms of their educational attainment, employment prospects, and social and emotional wellbeing.

The relationship between essential skills and academic outcomes
There was evidence that some of the essential skills, including listening, staying positive and teamwork, can support young people's academic outcomes, resulting in improved reading and writing skills, as well as attainment.

The relationship between essential skills and employment outcomes
The evidence found that the development of skills such as speaking, listening and staying positive can positively influence young people's employment prospects. There was also evidence of links between teamwork and leadership skills and performance in the workplace.

‍The relationship between essential skills and social and emotional wellbeing
The literature also indicated that interventions focused on pupils' social and emotional skills, such as teamwork, speaking and listening, can improve children and young people's emotional and social competencies. These competencies support self-regulation and relationship building, and can result in positive outcomes around wellbeing.
Who's Hiring in Hamilton During COVID-19?

New job board provides opportunities for businesses and job seekers
With support from the city’s Economic Development Office we are sharing a new platform for Hamilton businesses and their local employment needs. During these unprecedented times there is a desire for real-time information on job opportunities across many sectors in our city.

Hamilton Labour Force Information:
August 2020

The Hamilton Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with the City of Hamilton, Hamilton Economic Development, and the Flamborough and Stoney Creek Chambers of Commerce, are closely monitoring and assessing new developments pertaining to COVID-19, as well as its impacts on Hamilton business.

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