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August 2016

If you have been to our office, you probably could not help but notice the two large canvases of our pet bunny, Noodle, hanging in the waiting room.

Sadly, Noodle unexpectedly passed away last week, just as we were about to turn our attention to creating this month's newsletter. Given how close Joanne and I were to her, we no longer feel up to producing a proper August newsletter. We apologize for that and look forward to delivering fresh content in September's issue.

Meanwhile, below are a few blogs we published over the summer. Due to vacations and other seasonal adventures, you probably missed some of them, so check them out.

Jonah Soolman, Registered Dietitian / Co-Owner
Hold Off On Time-Delayed Eating
You may have caught a recent New York Times piece entitled "Time-Delayed Eating Leads to Better Food Choices" in which the author writes, "A series of experiments at Carnegie Mellon University found that when there was a significant delay between the time a person ordered their food and the time they planned on eating it, they chose lower-calorie meals." Read More
Wishful Thinking
Recovery from an eating disorder is a life-long process and it is completely at odds with purposefully losing weight. You can't be in recovery and be actively trying to lose weight. They are incompatible. Read More 
An Important Shot Bricked Off the Glass

Professional athletes put their long-term health on the line for short-term rewards that are unavailable to the rest of us. Kevin Love just rushed back on the court from a concussion so he could continue playing in the NBA finals. If you suffered a similar concussion, would you risk permanent brain damage in order to play out the remainder of your YMCA rec league's season? Read More
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Practice News
Boston Baseball Article      
Pablo Sandoval has long been on the disabled list with a shoulder injury and is no longer the focus of attention for most Red Sox fans, but let us never forget the fat shaming he endured earlier this year.

Read Jonah's guest column in Boston Baseball Magazine in which he discusses two common misconceptions regarding Pablo Sandoval's weight and the harm we are doing to others, particularly children, by disparaging his body the way that we have.

Pumpkin Mac and Cheese        

As summer gives way to autumn, check out Joanne's adaptation of an Ellie Krieger recipe for pumpkin mac and cheese.

Read More 
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