"Innovation is the outcome of habit, not a random act." - Sukant Ratnakar
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With the surprise (to some) outcome of the presidential election, it kind of goes to show that social media (SM) doesn't always have its finger on the pulse of today. Between Twitter, SnapChat, and Facebook, there is perhaps too much information to decipher. While many people claim to use SM as a primary news source, it seems to be as likely a tool to make news as to share or report it.
Do you think social media has a legitimate place in events such as elections? What services do you use frequently and how often?
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Synchronized Light Displays
Ready to give Clark Griswold a run for his money with your next holiday display? Then, you'll appreciate these tips on the creative process and an overview of putting together a basic lighting system.

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Quick and Easy USB Keyboard Input
This circuit is perfect for any application where you use a physical trigger to input data onto a computer. Read how it was implemented for video TIC-TAC-TOE and a bag toss game.

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Newhaven Display 4.3_ Arduino Shields 
Newhaven Display's 
4.3" Arduino Shields

Newhaven Display's 4.3" Arduino Shields include a capacitive or resistive touchscreen and a 480x272 resolution display classified as a sunlight-readable, premium or standard TFT.

Available in six models, these shields easily connect with some of Arduino's more classic development boards, providing a simple compact solution for developing with touch TFTs.

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All About Clocks for PICs

All microcontrollers require a clock or oscillator to guide a program through its paces. The clock is like the conductor of an orchestra, coordinating all of the parts that make up the whole. Taking the time to understand how clock options really work in a microcontroller will make implementing them that much easier.


I stumbled upon this circuit while trying to design a custom frequency tuner for my guitar and it is hands down the best sound-to-light device you could ever build.

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Programming FPGAs Getting Started with Verilog
Book Pick Of The Week
From the Nuts & Volts Webstore
Programming FPGAs
Getting Started with Verilog
Take your creations to the next level with FPGAs and Verilog

This fun guide shows how to get started with FPGA technology using the popular Mojo, Papilio One, and Elbert 2 boards.

Written by electronics guru, Simon Monk, you can expect clear explanations, easy-to-follow examples, and downloadable sample programs. Not to mention start-to-finish assembly and programming instructions for numerous projects! Consider this book a hobbyist's guide as well as an introduction for professional developers.

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  • Explore the basics of digital electronics and digital logic
  • Examine the features of the Mojo, Papilio One, and Elbert 2 boards
  • Set up your computer and dive into Verilog programming
  • Work with the ISE Design Suite and user constraints files
  • Understand and apply modular Verilog programming methods
  • Generate electrical pulses through your board's GPIO ports
  • Control servomotors and create your own sounds
  • Attach a VGA TV or computer monitor and generate video
  • All source code and finished bit files available for download
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