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June 7, 2015

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 Can't I just get my vitamins, minerals and other super nutrients from food?

I hear this question daily.  The answer is an emphatic "NO".  It would take 2000 almonds to get the amount of Vitamin E that you would need per day to maintain optimum health.   The same goes for nearly every nutrient. The volume of food necessary to maintain health would be astonishing.  The first report of nutritional depletion in food was done in 1934.  Since then there has been even greater declines.  Even the nutrition of organic produce has declined dramatically since 1975.  Not only has the nutrients in food declined, but haven't you noticed that food has little taste anymore?  This is mainly due to the fact that every plant is now a hybrid meaning that the cellulose content is higher and tougher, the result is nutrient unavailability.


We also have another problem which presents even a greater problem.  The problem I am presenting is in the people themselves.  The use of antibiotics and other prescribed medications literally steal nutrients from food or interfere with their absorption during the time of taking the medicine and afterwards long term.  The meds can also cause permanent closure of the receptor sites until they are detoxified.


We are in a time of history where there has never been so many degenerative diseases consuming the majority of the population, especially those over 50 years old.  Why do you think there is so much cancer, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, hormonal problems, pain and neurological syndromes?  If you subject people to a low nutrient diet, toxic water, chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, and food additives, antibiotics one to 3 times a year, plus an array of meds like beta blockers, synthetic hormones, diuretics, statins and those for high blood pressure, no wonder there are so few healthy people.


The key is to supplement with "nutrient dense" super foods so as to fill in the deficient or empty values.  You cannot just rely on going to the health food store and doing it yourself.  It requires an immense amount of knowledge to put together a program and to adjust it according to each individuals needs.


I have spent 45 years as a practicing nutritionist and have developed a program of testing which is nearly fool proof in determining the nutritional needs of an individual.  Combine this with David Elliott's nutritional blood work analysis and programs and you have the best combination possible.  Just as it is important to have a financial advisor, it is even more important to have a health manager.  David and I have dedicated our lives to this service. 


Please make it a priority to be evaluated regularly for your nutritional needs, and take advantage of our unique testing systems that expose weaknesses and needs before they develop into disease patterns.


No one does it better than Wagner Holistic Center.  Make an appointment and be disciplined in follow-ups to maintain your health.



Dr. Edward D. Wagner DC
Wagner Holistic Center
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