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14 Adar I 5776/February 23, 2016
Can't We All Share? 

On School/Shul Policies and Procedures 

By: Rabbi Yakov Horowitz
In the past two days alone, I conversed with several friends and colleagues who were in the process of developing comprehensive policies and procedures for their institutions regarding child/personal safety, the setting of appropriate boundaries for interaction between faculty members and students, and many other related matters.
Which got me thinking ... that it would be a great public service to collect and then disseminate the policies/procedures of schools and Shuls that have already created and successfully implemented them, so that other schools can benefit from them and perhaps adapt them for use in their own institutions.
With that in mind, I respectfully ask school heads and lay leaders who have effective policies to kindly email them to yhprojectyes@gmail.com. Please indicate if those documents may be shared with the public or not. I will not share anything unless I get confirmation via email that this is something you are comfortable with.
I will also operate under the assumption that whatever policies and procedures schools have already posted on their websites is in the public domain and may be shared with others.
If you are involved in the leadership of a school/Shul and are interested in reviewing the "best practice" policies of other institutions, kindly send me an email to that effect and I will accommodate your request as soon as I have something to share with you.
I am the only one who reviews those emails and all correspondence will be treated as strictly confidential.
Yakov Horowitz
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