God has truly blessed Safe Harbor of Memphis with a continuous triumph in our endeavors. It is with great pleasure that we share the amazing news that Safe Harbor has maintained an occupancy of full capacity during this quarter. We are really excited to share that we are maintaining a steady employment rate of 90% full time employment. This 90% is a not only working, but working full time!

More important than our Back to Work Program is our faith, which has continued strong through God's power. We have continued to lead men to a life centered around Christ's love and acceptance.

We are abundantly proud of our graduates! So far this quarter we have had 6 men do the work and graduate our program. These graduates have begun their new life journey through stable environments and with the tools they've acquired they have broken their shackles of their addiction. We could never put into words the great joy we feel seeing a man reach new pinnacles of sobriety and responsibility, allowing once raw wounds to be healed and broken families reunited. A father returning to his children, a husband fulfilling his responsibilities, and a man becoming self sufficient are the greatest gifts a person in our field can hope for.

Safe Harbor of Memphis is thankful for our partnerships and community involvement, which is ever expanding. Our friends at Harbor House, Christ Community & Alliance Health Care have embraced us as an ally. Through mutual support we are able to help more in need than ever. Most recently a partnership with the University of Tennessee Dental School is giving us the opportunity to supply our men with dental cleaning and x-rays!

As God continues to bless Safe Harbor we want to say thank you to all those that support us. Every donation is appreciated and every gift given is a blessing that is used to truly change an individual's life. We will continue to persevere and reach out to those who are in most need.