Dear Colleagues and Friends,

I am pleased to share a special quarterly report from Safe Harbor of Erin. As the newly appointed Director in Erin Tennessee, I am excited about the great opportunity to serve the clients at this facility, and to be of service especially to the community of Erin. Since I’ve been here the people of Erin, Tennessee have been a part of our excitement. I just want to take this moment to say thank you to the City of Erin. Your whole-hearted embracement and support of Safe Harbor is appreciated by all the staff and clients.

Since opening the facility this June, by the first week of August, we were reaching capacity. With the strong focus of our Reliable Department we have been able to keep 80% percent of our clients employed, while our program department continued to focus on daily living and activities for our clients. Outside basketball and volley ball areas were setup, which worked perfectly with our facilities new exercise program.

This quarter has given me the opportunity to be oriented to our New Programs curriculum. The dynamic impact I’ve seen towards its reconstitution of men’s lives is why I’m driven to serve with Safe Harbor. Already, we have graduated 10 clients from Safe Harbor Erin. I contribute this to the effectiveness of the two phases, new classes and the opportunity during those first 14 days to prepare and be with those clients in a personal way during that time. I love this program! Pray for us as we continue to connect with our new community and find better ways and resources to serve our clients.

Finally, I want to say with great appreciation to the Leadership of Lighthouse and Safe Harbor Ministries, thank you for giving me the opportunity to answer the call to serve such a great organization.

God Bless,
Pastor Gary Kenney