Are your employees so busy making a living they are forgetting to build a life?
As employers it is vital we get the best from our staff while they are at work. As 21st century companies wwe know that in order to have staff loyalty we must show great regards for their whole lives. One way to do this is to encourage work-life balance. PT&A wants to help by bringing a series of industry specifc lunch and learns to Metro Atlanta Businesses. Our Work-Life Balance Kit can help you think about what this may look like for you and your staff. Get your copy by connecting with us.
Name: Work-Life Balance Lunch and Leran
Date: JAN 1-November 30 2020
Available Times: Tuesay, Wednesday, Thursday1-hour (11-12, 12-1, 1-2) Connect with us by clicking on the button below.
phone: 770-256-3281
Thank you for all you do to make our community a better place!

Barbara Harvey