August News:
There's so much to enjoy about summer—the long days, your friends pool, air conditioning.....
and of course, the awesome yoga community we are developing. We believe we can make Bakersfield a better, healthier, happier place one yogi at a time.
In order to direct the growth at Samsara in positive directions that will benefit our community as a whole, we encourage our staff to deepen their practices through ongoing continuous education. They work hard and make sacrifices to get to trainings and we try to help out too!
Samsara has a scholarship fund to help our teachers continue their education. It doesn't pay for their entire trainings but it helps them in little ways. When you donate at a community event or take a class at the center part of it goes back to our staff to help them expand on their education!

We encourage our teachers to never stop learning because that is how we continue to provide quality instruction. That is how we stay passionate. That is how we can better learn to serve the needs of our community.

Here is a little list of what our teachers have been up to:

*Ashley Scott went to a Handstand therapeutics workshop down in Los Angeles with Anthony Bennetti.

*Yani and Tiffany completed an in depth 200 hour yoga teacher training program at the White Lotus. Its a big chunk of time away from their family and work. This sacrifice is well worth the effort though. Congratulations Ladies!

*Stephen Winters also completed his advance teacher training program at the White Lotus.

*Currently Stephen & Katherine Winters are at a yoga convention in Vancouver, Canada studying as well as assisting in some classes!

We can't wait to see what new inspirational things will pop up in their classes or what new workshops they will be leading!

As our community continues to grow, we thank you for your ongoing support. Remember we are a small center and we do limit our class size! Please download the MindBody app and sign up for classes before you come, so that we can guarantee a space for you to bend, twist and stretch your way to a healthier, happier you!
New Classes:
Yoga for Anxiety and Depression
with Candace Stevens
August 2nd, 9th and 16th
All Level Flow
with Linda Guerra
Thursday Nights
Update on Elijah
Sometimes your donations go to a yogi in need. Last month we had special classes to help raise money for Elijah. He is a 10 year old boy dependent on oxygen tanks to survive. Stephen has been teaching him yogic breathing practices to help him hopefully one day breath on his own. When Elijah's pulmonary specialist saw the improvement in Elijah breathing capacity he wrote a prescription for yoga pranayama classes twice a week. This prescription means insurance has to pay for the classes. We wanted to get a few tools to help him in the sessions that insurance couldn't cover.
Through your generous donations we made enough money to buy him those tools. There were a special headset he has to breath into to operate a race track with cars(he loves racing cars). We were also able to add in a rose spray that he loves. These gifts will greatly enhance this young man's life as they help to expand his breathing capacity! Thank you for your help!

People of Samsara
Featuring one of our teachers, Ashley Scott!
Why did you start yoga?
I started yoga because I moved to a new town and I was having a tough time adjusting. My best friend gave me a five class pass for my birthday. I started going 4 times a week. Savasana had me hooked! I also found my breath, a tool to quiet my mind, and eventually I even found myself on the mat.

What do you get out of the practice?
For as long as I can remember I’ve had a constant internal monologue going inside my head. Practicing yoga was the most effective way to quiet that voice and become present. It became the only thing that helped me get out of my own head! The impact has been life changing. I’m less stressed, more connected, and open to daily life. 

How does your practice help off the mat?
Learning to connect to my breath and the subtle messages my body sends me has been empowering. I was shocked to discover how shallow my breathing was in general, and how often I held my breath. 
My practice is teaching me that being present, for myself and others, is truly a gift. Breathing and leaning into a moment, into the discomfort, surrendering and finding myself more complete and “in my own skin” after has been amazing. 

Any suggestions for new practitioners?
Keep showing up! 
Be gentle with yourself. 
Yoga is a practice. Each day there’s something new that can be found on the mat, no matter your level of skill or how long you’ve been practicing. 

Favorite poses?
Heart openers and inversions! 

What’s your favorite class to teach? 
Any class where people come out of savasana looking like it was just what they needed brings me joy. However, I have the most fun teaching the intermediate active classes. 
Community Events:
First Friday, August 4
Bakersfield Museum of Art
Live Music
Second Saturday, August 11
17thPlace Townhomes
The Lighter and Stranger Side:
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