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September 2020 Newsletter 


Let's Make Marketing Simple Again
By Tim Fulton


There is a hair salon in an upscale retail area of Atlanta that has been in business for over twenty years with a very loyal following of both men and women. One day the owner of the salon walks out the front door of her business and sees a new sign out front of the shopping center directly across the street:
"Ten Dollar Haircuts"
A new discount barber shop had recently opened up across the street and was advertising very cheap haircuts. The owner of the upscale hair salon saw this sign and immediately became fearful of the potential negative impact this new discount business might have on her own. She then had a marketing brainstorm and decided to put her own new sign out front her salon.
"We Fix $10 Haircuts."
I don't know if this story is true or if it is just an urban legend. Either way, it is a great example of the importance of simplifying your marketing message. This is a mistake that I find many small businesses make. They complicate their marketing message. Too many big words. Too many contradicting strategies. Too many industry acronyms.
In simplifying our marketing message, let's start with my favorite definition of marketing from marketingprofs.com:
"Marketing means solving customer problems profitably."


Jennifer Koon is a Marketing Communications Professional with more than 25 years of corporate and agency-side experience with firms big and small. In 2001, Jennifer founded Michael Mackenzie Communications which develops and manages marketing and public relations programs for growing technology firms and professional service providers. Clients include Managed IT solution providers, law firms, CPA firms, HR & financial consultancies, and other services organizations with complex sales.

In this episode, Tim and Taylor sit down with Jennifer Koon to discuss the importance of knowing when, why, and how to invest in marketing, lead nurturing, marketing automation, and understanding your unique sales proposition.


Wednesday, October 14, 11:30AM - 1PM 

 Guest Speaker:

Cindi Filer 
Impacting Employee Engagement

Join us for lunch when staffing expert and CEO Cindi Filer provides insight into employee engagement. Studies show that ENGAGED employees are 21% more productive and companies with engaged employees produce 20% more bottom line profit. Together, we'll discover how to ENGAGE your employees to get these results.

With more than 18 years of experience in staffing and organizational structure, Cindi founded Innovative Outsourcing in 1995. The unique staffing company is dedicated to connecting businesses with experienced professionals seeking part-time employment. 

Since that time, Cindi has consulted with companies of all sizes on how to integrate company growth and staffing. She believes that a great work/life balance is achievable. Cindi has devoted both this time in her life and her company to helping people find that balance, while at the same time working with CEOs, business owners, and hiring managers to manage business issues that arise in their companies.  



Do you ever look at your bookshelf and see books that you would like to re-read a second time at some point in your life? Here are 10 such books for me. I highly recommend each of them.

TED Talks by Chris Anderson
Everybody Lies by Seth Stephens-Davidowitz

Range by David Epstein

The Rule of Three by Jagdish Sheth

Talking to Strangers by Malcolm Galdwell 

TopGrading by Bradford Smart

Give and Take by Adam Grant

Margin by Richard Swenson

Made to Stick by Dan Heath

Creating Competitive Advantage by Jaynie Smith



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Mastermind group member Mary Ritz shares about her experience...

Mary Ritz Mastermind Testimonial
Mary Ritz Mastermind Testimonial

For additional information or to register for the group, 
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Inc. magazine once asked executives at 600 companies for an estimate of the percentage of their workforce who could name the top three (3) company priorities. The average executive's estimate: 64%. Actual percentage: 2%.

While this could be a discussion on executive disconnects, the truth is that such disconnects are the default state for all of us.

As a consequence of spending most (all?) of our time in our own heads, we overestimate how many of our users understand our product, how many of our key stakeholders understand our priorities, and how often we make a point that sticks.

The only path forward: when we attempt to build or communicate something, simplify + over communicate by a factor of 10.

Please let me know if I can help you in any way.

Remember, small business does MATTER.

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