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Look what you made possible, pt II
Dear Friends,

Have you seen this video ? Or this one ? These are just two examples of the FIVE JAMMS programs YOU made possible this year - programs that brought together diverse groups of youth including refugee, immigrant, American-born Black, White, Hispanic and others to work together to write a song and create a music video. But these aren't just any ol' songs. These are incredibly powerful messages written from a place deep inside - honest, vulnerable, real. Voices yearning to be heard, yearning to make a difference.

How can we change the world if we can’t be heard
How can we change? How can we change?
How can we change the world if we can’t be us?
How can we change? How can we change?
The power we have, nobody can take it away

And these songs don't just magically appear, either. They spring from the hard conversations about race, religion, place of origin, and so much more that our participants engage in before setting out to create together. As the world grows more enraged and polarized, we need those conversations more than ever so that we can better understand one another.

Don't underestimate the power of your support to #EmpowerYouthAgainstHate . Just read the lyrics to their songs to see for yourself what YOU make possible when you donate to Music In Common.

Thank you!

Todd, Lynnette, Marisa, Patty, Avarie, Jason, Rosa