Reece's Rainbow's 11th Anniversary!
What an honor to be celebrating our 11th Anniversary today!
In these 11 years, 1772 children (and COUNTING!) are HOME, we have disbursed $13,700,000+ to date  and have more than 100 families currently
in process to bring their children home!
A Message from Some of our Families!
Your support, though advocacy and donations, have made Reece's Rainbow what we are today. Read what a few of our families have said about what your donations have meant in helping them bring home their children!

We could never have dreamed that God would bless us with our special girl. If it wasn't for the kindness and generosity of the donors to Reece's Rainbow, we would still be waiting and our daughter would be too.

You will never know how much your donation means to us and families like ours. Adoption is expensive and hard. Every donor helped us feel that much closer.

Phil Graves

Gotcha Day was 1/26 Her name is Elliana Mae Graves. She has Spina Bifida and was adopted from Armenia

Without the support and grants from RR, none of our three adopted children would be home now.  One of them wouldn't even be alive as RR helped us raise the thousands to adopt him very quickly and save his life.

Amber Gilchrist Anderson

The oldest one is Jake. He's got CP and brain differences.
The younger boy is Finn. He has severe blood transfusion dependent anemia (called Beta Thalassemia Major)
AmeliaRose (whom we call Amy) has DS.
They're all from China

There will never be words to truly express the gratitude we have for our Reece's Rainbow donors & supporters. We were blessed enough to adopt our son Harvey (previously TennantL23)  last year from Eastern Europe. He is rocking his Down syndrome!  The amount of joy he has brought to our family is beyond measure and has led us to adopt another little boy, Martin, from Eastern Europe also rocking his Down Syndrome. It is the Reece's Rainbow community and donors that have held us up and carried us along this journey to our boys. Every donation takes us one step closer to our son and for that we thank you!!!

Lee-Ann Cotner

 Thank you for giving us a chance to make an orphan our son or daughter. I had always dreamed of adopting since I was a little girl. But the cruel reality is that without donors and adoption grants many of our children would still be orphans. I know that we would not have been able to bring home six children in less than three years without the help of lots of others!

Rowen was our first international adoption. He is from Serbia. Without grants and donors he would have been our only international adoption.  Macy from China had a large waiting child grant that brought her to our attention.  Simon was hosted here and I met him at a RR reunion. Because of a large anonymous donation we were able to bring him home from Ukraine.  The next year, we returned to bring home his best friend, Oliver.  Both boys were teenagers when they came home, with Down syndrome and other health needs.  Henry is the baby we didn't plan for. He came home with Oliver in September, along with Tina, our typical 16 year old.  

Kelly Schultz