We did it!
2015 Annual Report
St. Francis Neighborhood Center's mission is committed to ending generational poverty through education, inspiring self-esteem, self-improvement, and strengthening connections to the community.
Exceeding Expectations was our theme for 2015, and we did it!  We had a record number of volunteers, participants in our programs, community members and partners utilizing the Center, and the best fundraising year in our 53 year history.  Which leads us to our theme for 2016, Count on Me, because we have much more to do!  We are entering an important year to invest further in the neighborhood, keeping our space safe, functional, and fully operational.  But, before we jump into 2016, let's review 2015:
  • Over 100 youth and their families communicated with us and stepped into the Center 16,000 times for our youth and family year round programs
  • Our other community outreach programs: Yoga, Narcotics Anonymous, Computer lab/mentoring, Reservoir Hill Resource Fair & Music Festival, Book exchange, Comcast Internet Learning Zone, Community Clean ups, Community Potlucks brought in another 4,000 people
  • Other partners: Corpus Christi Catholic Church (grocery program), Love & Liberty Ministries, SFOP teen leadership program, Bike Party, Friends of Reservoir Hill, Mount Royal CDC, Block Groups, Madison Park Redevelopment Group, CASA of Baltimore City, Digit All Systems, and more, collectively brought another 7,500 residents to the Center
  • We had over 1,000 volunteers investing over 2,400 hours
  • In addition, with the unrest in April, we served an additional 300 meals a day for 6 days to community residents, as well as obtained ½ a grocery truck from Whole Foods, and Corpus Christi Catholic Church distributed the groceries to those most in need, serving another 2,000 people
  • We canvassed our community newsletter 4 times to over 1,000 homes.
  • Not to mention, we are a valuable resource to the community, and if we do not have a program someone is looking for, we are able to be a resource and refer them to a partner; individuals who called or came to the door asking for support in which we referred to a partner: 1,095
Photo by Jenna Gray, our Lead Instructor & photographer
TOTAL "touches" in 2015:  35,995 !
Compar e to 2014: 25,000 touches
2015 Budg et: $301,444
2015 Individual Donations: $171,000, c ompared to 2014: $97,000
*Balance of 2015  budget was covered by writing grants

How is it possible that a small community center with a full time staff of 3, and part time teaching support staff of 3, was able to do this?  It is because of YOU and our volunteer support!   YOU made a direct impact in Baltimore City.  We made every dollar and volunteer hour COUNT.   Yes, we can count on you! Thank you! Welcome to 2016 with us and our new theme of Count on Me.  Ready or not 2016, here we come!  

Stay tuned for our January newsletter, coming soon. And, donation letters for tax purposes are now being generated with an expected January arrival. Thank you!
Christi Green | St. Francis Neighborhood Center | 410-669-2612 | cgreen@stfranciscenter.org|   www.stfranciscenter.org