As I make my way again through Bob Goff’s book, Everybody, Always, which we are using for our all-church Lenten study, I’m reminded, over and over, of what we’ve lost in the last year. Goff’s stories about skydiving with his sons, going to Disney World to speak to large audiences and attending an annual neighborhood parade seem like experiences from a bygone era. While we can still relate to them, remembering and simultaneously hoping for such an era to return, they serve, in the here and now, as reminders of just how critical being in-person is to not only being human, but being a person of faith.
“Love God and love your neighbor.” Goff suggests that Jesus ties love of God to love of neighbor because one cannot exist without the other. I agree. And we can’t love one another or God, with the fullness God hopes for us, through only video conferencing, online worship or other virtual means of interaction. In fact, this may be be the most difficult part of this time for people of faith – not seeing each other, face to face, to experience the full presence of God.
No, there is something about being “with” one another, physically, that helps us forge and deepen relationship both with each other and the Divine. Or, as Goff says, “Be with each other. Don’t just gather information about people--go be with them. When you get there, don’t just be in proximity – be present.”
Zoom has been a Godsend during this pandemic -- along with YouTube and Teams and online platforms for virtual education. They have allowed us to continue to weather this time in ways we could not have 20 years ago. They are also not going away – we will continue to use them to connect to one another for the foreseeable future.
However, hopefully, in a future not too far removed from our present, they will again become a supplementary, rather than primary, means for our interaction. After all, while they are a way for us to be with one another, they are not the way for us to fully love our neighbor and our God.
As more and more people are vaccinated and herd immunity begins to emerge, I pray this study might inspire us to begin imagining a world again in which we might gather together, in person, safely, on a regular basis. This won’t be easy. We have developed different habits and routines. Not to mention, we are afraid – not only of getting sick, but of one another. It might sound strange, but gathering again in person will take courage.
When it’s time, I hope we find the strength and courage we need in the call God has placed upon our lives to be with one another and, even more, in our faith that God is always with us.

Leaving the Land of the Dead
A Sermon Series for the Season of Lent
No, it’s not a movie title. It’s the way we have felt over the course of the last year, both literally and figuratively. Let’s just put it this way - it hasn’t exactly been a walk in the park. It has felt more like wandering in the wilderness. Yet, there is a renewed sense of hope in our world – the feeling that there is an end, or at least a new beginning. Could it be that we are finally leaving the land of the dead? The truth is we are always doing so in this life. That’s what Lent is for – to remind us that God is always moving us from death to resurrection. 

February 28, 2021
Leaving the Land of the Dead: Relationship
John 3:1-17
March 7, 2021
Leaving the Land of the Dead: Recognize
John 4:5-42

March 14, 2021
Leaving the Land of the Dead: Reveal
John 9:1-41

March 21, 2021
Leaving the Land of the Dead: Renew
John 11:1-45

March 28, 2021 (Palm Sunday)
Leaving the Land of the Dead: Require
Matthew 21:1-11
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Please note: Our HVAC contractors continue to work on the heaters for the Sanctuary. However, we are expecting much nicer temperatures this weekend. Please join us for service in the sanctuary.
This year, each Monday of Lent, we will send out a video devotional via e-blast. Each devotional will be based on the previous Sunday's scripture reading. We hope these devotionals deepen your spiritual reflection during this meaningful season.
The Worship, Arts and Education Committee, along with Pastor Nathan, would like to invite you to join us in a commitment to 40 days of prayer during the season of Lent. We hope that you will carve out time, each day during the next 40 days, to pray for Sandy Springs Christian Church and our ministry in 2021. As we live into whatever the new normal might be, we hope you will pray for God’s guidance and direction for our congregation. If you are someone who prefers a guide for your time of prayer, Teddy and Nathan recommend a website called, www.pray-as-you-go.org. It offers 10-12 minute daily devotionals that make space for prayer and reflection. Thank you for praying with and for the people of Sandy Springs Christian Church as a spiritual discipline during Lent!
We are having an all-church study during the season of Lent called, “Everybody, Always” based on the book by Bob Goff. The study aims to help us all love one another, even when we, and the times we are living in, might be difficult. The study will take place through three group options listed below. All studies will be offered via zoom.

Group One:
Starting March 1st - Monday Evenings at 7:00 p.m.
Leader: John Mills
Group Two:
Starting February 28th - Sunday Mornings at 9:00 a.m.
Leaders: Breijanna Dyke, Casey Evans, Emily Harple, Teddy Ivey
Group Three:
Starting Sunday Evenings on Feb. 28th at 7:00 p.m., then following Sundays at 5:00 p.m.
Leader: Leslie Lady
Here’s a perfect way to reconnect with SSCC friends, while social-distancing at home! Care & Connect has launched a Winter Movie Series — featuring two new movies for February. One is for families with children and another for adults. If you’d like, you can join both!

You can search the movie titles, listed below, on the internet or through your TV service provider to see your best option for viewing. Some of the movies will be free or have a nominal cost depending on whether you subscribe to Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime, Vudu, etc. Pick a time to view the movie(s) that best fits your schedule, then join us this Sunday, February 28th, for the Zoom discussion(s).

The February movie selection for adults is "I Am." According to the trailer, this documentary is the story of a man who had it all, until something happened to make him realize he might have it all wrong! This movie should be thought provoking and inspire some good conversation. The Zoom discussion for this movie will be this Sunday, February 28 at 5:00 P.M. 
The February movie selection for families is "Togo." Advertised as “the true untold story” of a man and his sled dog on an important mission, this movie is sure to be thrilling. The Zoom discussion for this movie will be this Sunday, February 28 at 7:00 P.M. In spite of the time crunch with the regularly scheduled Youth meetings, participants agreed Sundays at 7 was the best time for most families.
The purpose of our podcast ministry is "to be a hope filled effort by and for the people of Sandy Springs Christian Church, as a way to connect and communicate with both people in our congregation and the greater Sandy Springs/Atlanta area, with positive conversations about our community and its/our relationship to God.”

We hope to publish the podcasts every so often, which will include conversations with SSCC congregants, community members and others related to a topic we might cover. We hope this to be another means by which to stay connected or reconnect to the ministry of SSCC.
Special Note... Be a part of the FIRST "SSCChats" new short form podcast 5-10 minutes! Thank you to Janet and the Visioning Team for already having come up with this NEW short form podcast idea! Casey will spearhead this vision at this time & would love to have a short recorded "Chat" with you! Please email CaseyEvansSSCC@gmail.com if you are interested in "Chatting"!
Please pray for Amy Frost's relatives in Texas who were without power for quite a while. Now the challenges are to find clean water and food.

From Pat Kapphahn, "So much gratitude for support from my SSCC family. Thank you, thank you for all the food, cards, emails, calls and prayers! Bones are now completely healed and in-home physical therapy is helping me learn to walk and use my hand again in functional ways. Much love to all, Pat."

Please pray for our members and their families who serve as first responders and health care workers: Dr. Tim Helton, Katie Gibson, Tracey McCluskey, Dr. Vijay Rathinam and Pete French. Also those serving in the military: Derrick Brown (Army) and Michelle Brown (Navy), children of Cindy and Pete Brown. Tyler Brown (Army), son of Tami and Stephen Brown. Jared Mills (Army), son/stepson of John and Floy Mills. Rachel Robeck (Navy), daughter of John and Mary Robeck. Jamie Price Smith (Air Force) and Dalton Brown (Army) granddaughter and grandson of Barb Duren and Chaplain Kevin Mooney (Navy). Linda Whitmire's granddaughter, Hayleigh Whitmire (Army). If we are missing someone, please let us know so that we can include their name in our weekly prayers.

You can join SSCC by a simple affirmation of faith anytime! If you want to join during this virtual time, just let us know you would like to join!
Join us again across Georgia for our 2021 Camp Christian Virtual 5K. It’s as easy as tying your shoes!

Decisions are being made for the 2021 summer camp season, and while the Directors are doing that, we can still have some fun outdoors. Lace up your shoes, put on an old Camp t-shirt (if you have one), and walk or run a 5k in your hometown sometime between April 9-11, 2021. Grab your running buddies, your camp buddies, and your church buddies and get out there! After you run, you can record your time and post it to the events page. Take some pictures and sing some songs, and let’s raise some money for Camp Christian! 

Register before midnight on April 1 at to guarantee a t-shirt. Cost is $35. T-shirts will be mailed after the race weekend.

For over 50 years, Camp Christian has brought thousands of kids to Christ. It’s an oasis in Middle Georgia where children can get away from their busy lives at home, relax, and grow closer to Christ. Camp is more than a place or just another church program – it is a community we can all belong to and find God’s peace and love. So join us April 9-11 in running to raise money for Camp Christian!
When you give to Week of Compassion, you deploy resources to people in need all around the world. Through sustainable development projects, our partners help provide life-giving water and other critical resources that help communities reinvent and reimagine what is possible. When water comes to a village, people are safer, healthier, and more free to pursue learning and growth, and share more than just water. Let love flow opportunities.

This is the last Sunday we will be collecting for WOC. You can go online to our website and donate there, or simply bring or mail a check to church and clearly designate your gift for Week Of Compassion. Thank you!
Just a reminder that the Church office will be staffed Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 9:30 am - 1:00 pm.

We are also retrieving phone messages remotely each day as well. So feel free to call the church if you need anything or email Amy@sandyspringscc.org if you wish.
The CAC is in need of volunteers. If you have any questions, please contact Cindi McCollough via email - csbfish@bellsouth.net or cell 770-365-0365.

FOOD INSECURITY: If you or someone you know in our church community is facing food insecurity because of a decrease or loss in income, please privately contact Jenna Hicks so that we can provide assistance to keep their pantry full. Email jennakhicks@gmail.com or call 404-441-1668. 

MUST MINISTIRES: If you would like to donate and drop off items please CLICK HERE to access a flyer that outlines the most needed items. Monetary donations are very much needed and can be done so online via their website, or send a check in the mail to MUST Ministries, P.O. Box 1717, Marietta, GA 30061.If you have questions please contact Cathy Cortright at cortright13@gmail.com.
SSCC has subscribed to zoom for anyone who might need it to virtually meet using a video conference method. Only one group can use our account at a time. If you would like your group to use zoom to virtually meet, please contact Amy Frost via email (amy@sandyspringscc.org) to schedule your group on the calendar. We can help you learn how to send an invite to your group.
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