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so we're having an Anniversary SALE!!!
We are celebrating 10 years of customer loyalty with a 10 day sale on wine. It's our way of saying thank you for your continued business and support. Our 10th Anniversary was on May 14th but we are just getting around to celebrating you with a SALE - better late than never right?! Anyway, on to the part about how you're going to save lots of money on wine...

Purchase any 2 bottles (mix & match) of wine - Save 20%
Purchase a mixed case (12 bottles) of wine - Save 25%
(Sale Today - Sunday, June 16th)

Cheers to the last 10 years and for 10 more!!...
Let's drink some great wine!
AND...It's Minnesota Cider Week!
FREE Cider Tasting Tonight + Wine (5-8PM)!
Alter Ego Cider + Helioterra + Guild Wines
Winemaker Anne Hubatch will be here pouring her wines (Helioterra, Whoa Nelly, and Guild) in addition to pouring her ciders (Alter Ego). Join us at the back tasting table for this free event! Come and go as you like from 5-8pm.
Staff Picks for Cider Week
David's Cider Review:
Keepsake 'Orchard Reserve' Dry Cider
It seems logical that, given Minnesota's climate, that we would be able to produce great cider. We certainly have the apples but all ciders are not created equal. Many are made with apple concentrate from dessert apples and refined sugar. These can be plenty enjoyable but are more akin to apple soda then the earthier traditional ciders. Keepsake Cidery has been leading the charge for carefully crafted natural ciders. They've recently converted to 100 percent wild yeast for their bottlings but they are by no means dogmatic. They employ unique blends of traditional cider apples and local favorites, they are experimenting with various wood aging and, though most of their cider is dry, the have some fruited and sweetened offerings. The 'Orchard Reserve' has plenty of wild yeast complexity and a grippy dry finish but the heart is ripe apple, pear and spice.
Quin's Cider Reviews :
Sociable Cider Werks 'Freewheeler' Dry Apple
Made entirely from Midwestern apples, Freewheeler is Sociable's flagship cider. Gluten-free and lower sugar, this is a truly sessionable cider! Dry, tart, and perfectly balanced with a small amount of Willamette Valley hops added for complexity.
Sociable Cider Werks 'Hop-A-Wheelie'
Hop-A-Wheelie includes the addition of three varieties of hops and drinks noticeably more tart and with a pleasant, refreshing bitterness.
Patrick's Cider Review:
Petritegi Basque Cider, 2015 Harvest
Cider is a cherished way of life in the Spanish Basque country. Going back centuries, the town of Astigarraga has been the center of Basque cider production. The population of the town is only about 6,000 people but there are 19 Sagardotegi (The traditional Basque Cider House). 
Petritegi is one of them. Owned for 5 generations, now, by the Otano family, Petritegi uses up to 25 varieties of apples, with a mix of sweet, bitter, and acidic ones to craft a balanced, yet distinctly funky and crisp style. This cider is always naturally fermented, free of added yeast, and unfiltered, truly reflecting the Basque countryside.
Pour out the bottle into your glass at some height, as to produce the foamy head called txinparta, to aerate the cider properly, then enjoy (as you would at a Sagardotegi) with chorizo, followed by a cod omelet.
Upcoming Event - This is a BIG DEAL!
Taste the Top Tier Wines from Catena Zapata
with Winemaker Ernesto Bajda

When : Saturday, June 15th (1:30-3:30pm)
Where : North Loop Wine & Spirits Cellar
How :   Click Here  for Tickets & more info

Wine Lineup:
Bodega Catena Zapata, Appellation Tupungato Chardonnay
Bodega Catena Zapata, Appellation San Carlos Cabernet Franc
Bodega Catena Zapata, Appellation La Consulta Malbec 
Bodega Catena Zapata, Catena Alta Chardonnay
Bodega Catena Zapata, Catena Alta Malbec
Bodega Catena Zapata, Mendoza Nicolás Catena Zapata
Bodega Catena Zapata, Mendoza Malbec Adrianna Vineyard Fortuna Terrae
Weekend Wine Tastings
Friday's Wine Tasting with Special Guest
Emily from Libation Project 4-8pm
  • Tenuta Roveglia, Tenuta Roveglia Limne (2018)
  • Deep Water Wines, Big Salt (2018)
  • Marc Plouzeau, Chinon Rive Gauche Rose (2018) 
  • Ercole, Piemonte Rosato (2018)
  • Malabaila di Canale, Vino Rosso Cardunaj (Dry Brachetto)
  • Martin Texier, La Boutanche Rouge 
  • Plus a Secret Sipper:
  • Arterberry Maresh, Pinot Noir Old Vines Dundee Hills

Saturday's Wine Tasting 3-7pm
Check Facebook prior to the tasting for details on the lineup.
218 Washington Avenue N. - 612-338-5393 -  northloopwine.com