April: Exclusive Featured Video
With Dr. Fred Luskin

Click the video below to hear Dr. Fred Luskin discuss the detriments of complaining!
Are you complaining for noise or complaining for change?
April Challenge:
Next time someone asks you how you've been, or how you day/week was, try to respond without complaining. Sounds easy, right? It's actually harder than you think. Give it a try and let us know how it goes!
Welcome Oliver Perry and Jamie Fletcher to the MYT team!

Oliver (left) will be helping us with client communications and Jamie (right) will be working behind the scenes on our social media platforms! We are so excited for them to use their experience in their given fields at MYT.

Click here to read their bios & get to know them!
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Children, EQ & Mindfulness
Sir Ken Robinson, the man behind the most watched Ted Talk, was recently interviewed on CBS Morning News (video above). His Ted Talk from 2006 discussed the need to keep creativity in the lives of children. Over a decade later, these issues are still prevalent and are arguably even worse now.

As parents, family members, friends, and community members, we can help by encouraging the children in our lives to play, be creative, and most importantly have fun!
Client Testimonial

"As an owner of multiple companies the amount of stress and loss of sleep could be tremendous. MYT Training, which I highly recommend, is an outstanding educational tool needed for anyone engaged in a leadership role. I found the results to be extremely rewarding, my stress level has been diminished extensively and my quality of life has improved tremendously.'"

John Tortorella
President, Tortorella Group
What We're Reading
New York Post article

" Rory McIlroy taking mindfulness to the next level"

Click the image below to hear Rory's experience with mindfulness
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EQ Not IQ: Leadership Basics I™

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May 31st
in New York City

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EQ Not IQ: Speaker's Series™
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Relationships/Conflict Resolution
With Dr. Fred Luskin
July 25th in NYC or online 2:30-5pm

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EQ Not IQ: Extension
For alumni only

Bi-weekly session begin
June 14th on Zoom 11:45am-1pm

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EQ Not IQ: Mastery

Next group launches
July 26th
New York City

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