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What is hospitality?
Recently speaking with Jane Hull, Patti Clark, and Kelly Hansford from Union Christian Church about their first week hosting in their facility, I was struck by something that Kelly did for our guest children. She took the time to cut up apples and peel and section some oranges. While it was just a simple act, in my mind it was a tremendous act of hospitality. Often unnoticeable acts can make a huge difference.

How do you define hospitality? Send me other examples of hospitality that you have seen during the weeks that each of you host. Would love to hear your perspective. My email is: director@ihnathens.org. Thanks, Davin
Another family moved into their own home this past week! 
We had a single mom and her two kids (ages 1 and 2) move into their own home this past week. One of our interns who helped with the move said that it was a beautiful location and a pastoral environment. 

This is our goal and it is reached because of all of you. Those who volunteer your time driving a van, fixing a meal, and simply being there with our families so that they can stay in your congregation. Those who give financial support to provide case management and childcare assistance. We are grateful for all of you!

To think that in a couple of months a family can go from being homeless to a wonderful home is a miracle, a blessing, a gift of hospitality! Thank you!
Fantastic interview on Fresh Air about Evictions
Did you know that the average age of a person who is homeless is 9? This is why IHNA is focused on providing shelter, food, and transportation to families with children. 

Last week on NPR's Fresh Air there was an interview with Matthew Desmond, Sociology professor at Princeton and author of Evicted, about the number of evictions in the US (in 2016 it was a rate of four every minute). Desmond says"Incomes have remained flat for many Americans over the last two decades, but housing costs have soared. So between 1995 and today, median asking rents have increased by 70 percent, adjusting for inflation. So there's a shrinking gap between what families are bringing [in] and what they have to pay for basic shelter."

Listen to this program to learn more: https://www.npr.org/2018/04/12/601783346/first-ever-evictions-database-shows-were-in-the-middle-of-a-housing-crisis
Ready to go Over The Edge?
Look how much fun Kim Ness from First Presbyterian is having Going Over The Edge!
We invite you to join us and all you have to do is ask your friends and family to push you over the edge by making a donation to Interfaith Hospitality Network of Athens. 

You too can have this much fun! Just sign up for the Saturday, August 25 event at: https://www.overtheedgecwe.com/athens/forms/participant-form/?nonprofitid=2202838. For more info, contact Davin at: director@ihnathens.org
Know someone who wants to volunteer for IHNA?
Roses blooming at the Day Center
We have two upcoming volunteer trainings. Please encourage potential new volunteers to attend; all volunteers that interact with our guests (Evening Hosts, Overnight Hosts, Van Drivers etc) are required to attend one, one hour training. 

Sunday, April 22, 12:30pm at Athens Church of Christ on Mars Hill Rd., Watkinsville
Tuesday, May 1, 5:30pm at the Day Center Upstairs Space

Attendees do not need to RSVP--just show up. 
Interfaith Hospitality Network of Athens, GA
393-1 West Hancock Ave

Davin Welter, Executive Director - director@ihnathens.org

Stacy Pardue, Assistant Director - assist.ihnathens@gmail.com

Collisa Lankford, Interim Service Director -

Phone: 706-425-1881
To make an gift that will help us care for children and families that are experiencing homelessness, Click here. 

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