You tour group guests will definitely dig taking a tour through one of VT's most famous granite quarries. Then when you top it off by letting them dig in to "Vermont's Finest Ice Cream" at the Ben & Jerry's Factory, you'll really have them happy! From outdoor bowling to free ice cream samples, these two stops offer something for everyone, and they're located less than a half hour apart so they're perfect as a half day trip or part of a longer tour. You're digging it now too, aren't you?

  • Take an "unexpected, other-worldly, breathtaking" tour through one of VT's most famous quarries
  • Marvel at the work of its crafters, celebrated for famous landmarks like the WWII Memorial arches in Washington, DC and Island Centre Plaza in Hong Kong
  • Be amazed by the mammoth equipment, geology, and precision manufacturing
  • Learn about the culture of the multigenerational artisans, their fine sculpting, and unconventional story
  • Enjoy the Visitor's Center, featuring distinctive stone gifts, jewelry, and home accents
  • Have fun at the outdoor granite bowling alley or fashion your own keepsake at the "make it and take it" sandblasting workshop

Ben & Jerry's in Waterbury:
  • Experience all the fun they scoop up at the world-famous Ben & Jerry's ice cream factory!
  • Take the entertaining and educational 30-minute guided tour
  • Enjoy a FREE sample of ice cream and then get your favorite flavor at the Scoop Shop
  • Browse through the colorful gift shop to find the perfect souvenir
  • Wander around the beautiful grounds and even visit the Flavor Graveyard
  • Visit Ben & Jerry's tour group page:

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