Wednesday April 17, 2019


Hi! I had a question concerning Join-Up, and it is, can you do Join-Up with an already bomb proof horse? My horse is a 18 year-old Quarter Horse, and he's about as solid as they come. It's like nothing fazes him, when I try to send him away, he just stands there and does nothing. Am I not being clear enough in my signals, or is he confused by what I'm trying to get him to do?

Thanks for any input you have.


Dear Christina,

While it's true that I believe Join-Up is most important in the young or untrained horse, I often do Join-Up with older horses that have been thoroughly trained. If a horse is bonded to human beings to the extent that they have lost their desire to flee, I often use plastic shopping bags on the end of a stick, which are generally quite successful. Please don’t feel it is necessary to cause pain by striking the horse. If he does not respond to the shopping bags or the normal clicking sound or line tossing that I use, then just love him and accept the fact that he is a wonderful horse. 

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"Hi to all the people who made the movement possible! It was a pleasure to be part of that wonderful event. My favorite of course is Monty's work, again and again. But it was inspiring to listen to Dr. Miller, whose book I ordered immediately and Kris Robins who was a pleasure to listen to. To talk about her work and mine and to see all these parallels. She found words for that: horses look past the injury, they see the person not the injury. And Eduardo Moreira is a fantastic story teller, it was fun to listen to him and he is also a brilliant example of resilience. I hope that The Movement goes on and look forward to be there again!"

Best regards from Munich,
Doris Semmelmann


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~ Monty 

Dear Monty,

Today I tried your suggestion of bumping the Dually halter instead of a steady pull. It seemed to work better and I think we can make progress. But I’m also trying to make sure I don’t ask too much of him, like trying to keep his nose at the perfect spot by my shoulder.

Also, does a horse not concentrate or behave as well when he is worked with in his “own” pasture? What I’m trying to ask is if he thinks he doesn’t need to behave/listen to me because “ It’s my pasture”; kind of like a territorial problem?

By the way, I also have a Giddy-up rope. I have read “The Man Who Listens to Horses” and “Shy Boy”. I’m also subscribed to the weekly Ask Monty emails. I look forward to them each week.

I love my Dually halter! I hope you didn’t mind this long email but I love to hear your opinions. 

Thank you,
Quincy from Iowa
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