Are you preparing for the cold days ahead? - 10/20

We have all heard of “spring cleaning” as a time to purge some unneeded items corresponding with the spring thaw, but have you ever tried an “autumn assessment”? Although it is not as popular, it could be more beneficial, especially when it comes to enjoying the beautiful (and occasionally brutal) winters in New England.
With the change in the season, for some, comes a drastic change in the monthly utility bills. Extreme temperatures can really impact older houses that are heavy on the charm but not so much on the modern energy efficient practices.
But, it does not have to be that way.

Whether you are considering a remodeling project or just want to make minor changes to impact your winter (and summer) utility bills, GDA can help!

Here are the 3 keys to your 2020 Autumn Assessment:

1 - STOP THE BLEEDING - You may have vampires in your house and they are not just Halloween decorations.

Inefficiency, underuse, and outdated items in your house may literally be draining the energy from you. Whether it is an outdated appliance(that old TV setup in the basement) or one that never gets used, a charger that’s always plugged in, the dishwasher and the washing machine that are running half empty, or rooms full of incandescent bulbs, all are sucking the electric “blood” from your walls, from your ceilings, from your wallet and costing you money.

Do a room by room assessment to find these troublesome parasites that have been draining your monthly budget and replace or eliminate them.

2 - BUNDLE UP - Cold weather is coming and you are not the only one that needs some extra layers.

Do you walk through different rooms of your house feeling like you are entering completely different climate zones? If it feels like one room gets all the heat and another could double as a second refrigerator, that is a sure sign of poor insulation. Now, spending money on insulation may not sound as exciting as buying a new sectional for your living room or as fun as a new kitchen upgrade, but it is just as important when it comes to making your home feel comfortable. In addition to keeping your home warm in the winter and cool in the summer, insulation can help lower your energy bills and maintain your home’s value. The Building Industry has come a long way during the last twi decades, and insulations systems have improved dramatically. There are insulation systems that are more specifically meant for walls, and systems that are more specifically meant for ceilings, roofs, and attic spaces. There are systems that can be used for both applications. Especially for existing and/or older homes, most of the times, the most effective, efficient and creative solutions can include mixed systems with different components.
3 - SEE THINGS CLEARLY - Fogged up windows are a traditional sign of winter weather, but they might mean something more.

Broken window panes are the most obvious sign that your monthly heating bills are flying out your windows. The truth is, a broken pane can mean leaks. And leaks can be expensive energy losses depending on the location of the window and the size of the damage. But skyrocketing costs can come in other forms as well. Air leaks and condensation can mean broken or corroded seals. Sticky or stubborn window operation usually signals a warped frame or damaged mechanics. Few people realize how noisy their old windows are. If you live by an airport, busy street, or public park the transmission of noise will be more obvious. Just as old windows let in air and moisture, they can also allow noise to pass right through. In these cases replacement windows are the only solution.
If all this sounds confusing, the experts at GDA can assist you with evaluating your current home conditions and determining areas and systems needing improvements.
We will help you find the right consultants and/or companies for the implementations of improvements. Don’t worry, we’ll be on your side when it comes to reviewing the improvements under consideration to make sure that every project is feasible and realistic for your budget, schedule, and goals.

Friends, winter is coming SOON and if you want a guide to help you with an “Autumn Assessment” of your own (or with any other projects, schedule a call today. (

When working with an experienced architectural design team like GDA, you get the benefit of over 80 years of experience over 70 different projects. You will emerge from the journey with a feeling of accomplishment, knowing that you have a capable guide, ready to help you take action on your project. The best part is, now your home will feel genuinely yours, and you will emerge with a level of certainty and comfort, knowing what to expect when it is time for the next phase of the process.
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